February 20, 2011

Hot Sunday

Obama? Yes, Please.

    In response to posting less guys and more girls... 

Enjoy Hot Sunday, kittens. Tattoo free edition.
Speaking of tattoos, I did finish my lady. I need to post some pictures soon. This weekend was pretty fun. I feel like I accomplished some things. Last night, I went to a party my friend threw in a warehouse.  It was pretty fun. Met this guy..oh lord.... In 60 seconds, he told me his life story. Completely unnecessary. Especially since, his life story went like this:

Him: I'm older than all these kids in this place. I've been married for 5 years. I'm divorced now, 2 kids. 
 Me: Wow, ok. Just put it out on the table.

Also, let it be noted that he already stated he was 25. So, he got married at 20, helped produce 2 kids and then got a divorce. See, kids, don't get married young. You have very high chances of becoming a creepy old person hitting on 18 year olds in skimpy shirts. Which he did soon after his failed attempt at hitting on me. Sorry guy,your life story does not impress me.

Kid Cudi!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures--everyone looks great, but I'm wondering why your obvious infatuation with fat positivity only applies to women. Seems a bit unfair.

Tinapunk said...

Hi, anon. Thanks for enjoying Hot Sunday. I do love curvy women, but to be completely honest I don't find heavy men attractive. I post people that I find attractive and I'm a only picky when it comes to that. I'm not saying that heavy men can't be attractive, I just personally, don't find them attractive.

Thanks for reading!