January 30, 2010

Yes, Please

Spring 2010 Chanel Couture

Absolutely gorgeous pieces. And I adore the hair.

Karl is ridiculous. But I love him.

January 24, 2010

Body Image

Body image is the perceived image of ones own body. If someone thinks they are fat and they're not, then they have a distorted body image. I think this topic should be studied because it concerns all of us. Everyone is affected by the images on the media. There have been 3 waves of feminism. The first wave was to get women suffrage, the second wave was for equality between the sexes and the third wave has been about body images and dealing with the media.

A body outlaw is anyone who deifies everyone's expectations and just does as they wish. Someone who doesn't care what anyone thinks, but is happy. I think women who don't shave are considered outlaws, when a celebrity doesn't shave its usually all of the post the next day. I think that its their decision to shave or not, and its nobody's business but the person.


Hi, I know this is a little late, but I think we get a little extra time since class just started. Anyways,
I'm Christina. I'm a 23 year old senior, I'll be graduating this May. I took this class because I've always wanted to take it for several semesters, but couldn't fit it into my schedule. I was really glad that I could fit it into my schedule this semester.
I think the most pressing issues of 2010 are self-confidence. Women and girls are constintly being told that they do no fit the mold. I feel that the mold needs to broken.
My 5 questions for this semester are:
1- Why does weight seem to be such an issue for males and females?
2- What is considered a healthy weight?
3- Are the same companies behind male and female products for beauty?
4- At what weight do males consider females to be fat?
5- Why do females feel the need to be tan?

January 19, 2010

January 11, 2010


Crystal Renn is fucking beautiful and fat. Wait, fat might be harsh. Overweight maybe and curvy sounds nice as well. I'm curvy or overweight or fat. It all depends on your perspective.
My weight is a touchy subject. Its yo-yo'd over the years and currently I'm the heaviest I've ever been. I'm not huge right now, I'm pretty much in the same category as Ms. Renn up there.
Being curvy sucks. At times, I'm proud of myself, and my wonderful assets, but then at times I wonder if my problems would all disappear if I was just a little skinnier.
I feel as if the men will always overlook me for the skinnier version.

January 2, 2010


Holy shit. A new decade. I'm really glad to have a clean slate.
I declare my resolutions to be:

1- Love... Love my family, my friends more than ever. Also having a bf wouldn't hurt, but I'm not looking.

2-Time... I will budget my time more wisely.

3- Future... I'm worried about my future, but I'm going to worry less and let what is supposed to happen, happen.

4- Happiness... I'm going to be happy.

Thats pretty much it. It seems simple, but lord knows it will be difficult.

And, this is pretty much my anthem for 2010.