May 30, 2012


My sister and I go ham.

May 25, 2012

Hot Friday: Black and White


Today is our one week anniversary at our new place. Fuck yeah. Plus, I got a job because I'm a blue-card holding Indian. Thanks Gambling Industry!! 

Things are certainty looking up in every aspect of my life. :

Enjoy the Black and White Edition of Hot People



May 18, 2012


Hey Guise

Tomorrow is going to be the longest day ever.
Moving at sunrise, followed by my lil sister finally walking across the stage and ending the evening at our new house. It will be the first night. 
I'm excited. Nervous. Anxious. Ready. 

If you live or visit the Tulsa area, know that a couch is always available. Obviously, this doesn't apply to the whole internet, but on the other hand, I do have an account on couch surfing. (which is a lovely website for the frugal traveler)

May 11, 2012

The State of Things

All the twenty-somethings I know are redefining what it is to be twenty-somethings.
There is no shiny job/home waiting after walking across the stage.
Receiving your Bachelors means debt.
Living with family after graduation is expected.
Everything has changed in these last 10 years. 
There is no American Dream.
A one paycheck family home back in the 1960's makes the equivalent to a two paycheck family home now. 
Are all seemingly disposable now. 
The increase of technology gives the false sense of security.
We have to fight for what we want.
Putting our feet in the ground and standing for what we want deserve. 

Some would say things are the same as they were in the past.
Babies are born to unprepared mothers.
People change.
Some people steal.
Older people are forgotten and then missed immensely.
Times change.
Some people kill.
Wars are fought for silly reasons.
New technologies increase communication.
People lose jobs.
Politics are hopeful on their best days and disgusting the next.

People change.
And it's staying current to the conscious of society that's tiring.
But, the one definite thought that has stayed the same, maybe said with different words is,
"Fuck it all."

Summer Song

This kid right here.

May 6, 2012

Message of the Day

She's totes adorable and talks about a problem that all women have. Whether ur fat or skinny. 

May 4, 2012

Hot Friday

Hola Gatitos! 

So, I made it to Oklahoma. I'm currently staying with my gma which feels odd since I haven't been living here since high school. So it's like being in a 90's movie. A really sucky 90's family drama. 

Last weekend my sis and I went to  Norman Music Festival 5. Running around Norman like the old days, except this time I was old and wanted to retire at 11 p.m. but since, my sis keeps me young we stayed up until 5ish. 

Also, R.I.P. Adam

Enjoy the Hot People 


Naomi <3

The one and only.