July 19, 2013

It goes without saying that I never update this blog. Where I used to be so public about things, now I just try to keep my life to myself. Not that it's any less interesting, but because I lack motivation to put what I have to say down. Down here, down on paper, any where. 

I'm no longer talking to my sister, I'm trying to be more public about the loss of her friendship. It's been 3 months and some days are harder than others. Yeah, I talk about it like a death, because that's the way it feels. 

Our relationship slowly deteriorated after living with each other and then her starting a relationship where the guy didn't like me, which in turn made her not like me. She moved out a month before the lease was out. I heard from her once when she wanted me to co-sign on her electric. I said no, and that was the end. 

A couple months ago, I was deathly ill, my mother asked my sister to check on me and give me a ride to the ER. She said, no way, and hung up the phone. 

We're sisters. We have each other's birthdays tattooed on us. I should mention that I wasn't perfect in the least, there are regrets. 

I guess time will tell. Not to be morbid, but hopefully neither one of us dies before we talk to each other.