January 30, 2011

Hot Sunday

Oh, Jake.

Afternoon, Lovelies. My weekend was pretty good. A lot more chill than last weekend. Which, I'm thankful for. I did go on a date on Friday night. It went rather well, surprisingly. He was extremely tall, but it doesn't matter much, you just have to make it work. Not, that anything happened like that. Dirty minds.

This thing in Egypt is important to follow or at least understand. It will end up affecting the world. I definitely support them in their struggle for freedom. Having their internet cut off is ridiculous. Shutting them out in the dark, but it's inspiring to see so many people, from all over the world supporting them and finding ways for them to connect. It was frustrating though, to see the Egyptian Museum ransacked and having important articles destroyed and or taken. But the people stood together and gaurded the Museum. Anyways, watch it live here. CNN is okay if you like graphs and fancy technology. And, Fox is for laughs.

Just a quick reminder, if you haven't entered my contest to win some sunglasses, you're effing lazy. Or your taste in sunglasses far excels what I have to offer you. If that's the case, I apologize.

January 27, 2011

Free Sunnies!

It's going to warm and sunny eventually and one can never have too many sunglasses. Except, I do, which is why I'm giving 1/3 of them away. I want to show my appreciation to everyone who reads my blog. All the little clicks at the end of posts the "interesting" "cool" "funny" really do mean a lot.  I will try to do a couple give-a-aways a year.

1- These are your basic standard plastic old school shades. I think they were my dads at one point. 

2- These are awesome sunglasses, they're a little loose and might need to be taken to a sunglass hut or such, they should fix them for free though. Also, these sit wide on the face.

3- Black aviators. I think I found these on campus a long time ago

4- Basic red sunglasses. These are old. They're made of the hard solid plastic, not the light crappy kind that breaks in two seconds. They also fit a little tight on.

5- These are the same as the red, except a nice sky blue color and they're new. 

6- Last pair, and probably the oldest and most coolest. These also need a little fine tuning at a sunglass shop, but it should still be free.


To get the sunglasses you must comment on this entry with your email. I will choose 3 winners. I will use a random number generator to find the winners. 1st place will have 1st choice and so on. I will email you to get your address and such. Also, please spread the message! I probably won't even need to use the random number generator thing. The chance of winning a pair of sunglasses is like 90%.

January 23, 2011

Hot Sunday

oh snap. a reader request.

I have been very lazy today. I'm just a little disappointed in myself. I was supposed to go to Dance Trance at 5 today, like 20 min ago. Alas, I woke up at 4:49. I was awake earlier today, but I came home and thought I'd take a little nap. Uh-huh. It seems my body was tired. 

So, a reader requested a picture of me, tastefully done in the Hot posts. So, I delivered. It's not too revealing, its just my bum in a bathing suit. It's my first time putting up pictures like that. So, I hope the anon appreciates it. I hope you do too. 

January 18, 2011

Cute and Dorky

 Theres this awesomely tacky dating website called OKcupid/OKstupid, and yes, I have a profile on there. I've met like 3 guys/1 girl and all of them were kinda weird, but some of them have been fun. Anyways, I always get these awful messages that I never respond too, even though the guys intentions were sincere.
Heres a message that a guy wrote to me, and my response. Don't worry, my accounts aren't linked and (hopefully) he'll never read this on the internet.

Crap. I noticed a couple typos in my response to him. Oh well. Hopefully he doesn't take the message personal, its just stuff that sometimes needs to be said to males/females. Running around not knowing how to communicate, its embarrassing.

p.s. I love GIFS now, if it wasn't already clear.

January 17, 2011

Hot Monday

Hot Sunday, Hot Monday? It's still just pictures of really attractive people. So, it seems that theres enough interest in the free sunglasses. I'll be doing a post soon.

Oh and I suck at outfit posts lately. Sorry.

January 15, 2011

My Body My Choice

Bits and Pieces.

  • I'm gong to stop taking birth control.  I've been on birth control since I was 15 years old. Almost 10 years of never missing a month.  120 months of pumping extra hormones into my body. I finally feel like I no longer need it, like I got this. I do know that it will be harder and I'll have to be safe every time, which I hope everyone is. (Just you're friendly STD reminder, stay on top of that shit.) 

  • My dad and I went to dinner last night and we actually talked about my future. It was a good conversation and I feel better knowing that he supports my decision to go to Spain. I guess he was just worried about it being a real program and stuff. He even offered to take care of Sadie, even though he insists on calling her Shady. a la Eminem.
                                This isn't sadie, although, it looks exactly like her.
  • I've been really good about working out. Like I've been going 3x a week and I haven't missed one. I already feel more limber and less bloated. Plus, I can bust a move to some pretty bad-ass songs. It's funny cause most of the women in the class are older white beach ladies. But, they can bust a move, fo sho.

Also, I'm thinking about doing a sunglasses give-a-away. I've got a crap load of sunglasses and I'm going to give-a-away some. I'll send them to you and everything. So, if you'd be interested, click "interesting" on the bottom of this post. That's it. I just need to know that a enough people want free sunglasses.

January 13, 2011


I love this chick. I totally agree, body mods are body mods. They should be treated equally and no one should be harassed. I hate it when people say crap about my septum or my tattoos. People just think they can say ridiculousness to me, and I'll entertain it, but I usually shut it down.

Guy at bar: What's that in your nose?
Me: What's that all over your face?

Note: The guy's friend ended up buying our drinks that night to make up for his douche friend. :)


January 12, 2011


This is one of my all time favorite movie. I could watch it over and over and bawl every time.

January 9, 2011

Hot Sunday

Jon Hamm is so ridiculously hot.

Hot Sunday, enjoy, kittens.

January 8, 2011

Empty Promises

New Year, new me?

This year, I went ahead and made a few resolutions to help push me in the right direction.

1- Lose weight. Yeah, I know, I'm a great size as is. But a very close friend told me that I'd look really good if I was 100 pounds. Which is kinda crazy, I'd have to lose like 55 pounds. See what I just did there?  55 does seems like a lot. I'm not trying to be super skinny, that will never be my goal. Instead, I just want to fit into the "normal" category with my BMI. I'm already on the right path though. Dance Trance three days a week and obviously better eating habits. That's always the hard part. You kinda need $ to buy the good food

2- Get my $ straight. I am broke right now. The 3 weeks of vacay time in Oklahoma= 3 weeks of not working. I can't afford to do that kind of shit anymore. It sucks, but as my dad likes to remind me, I'm an adult. I'm currently looking for another job. I plan on working like a crazy person for the next 5 months. I need to pay off some credit cards and save up for my Spain trip.

3-Go to Spain. I need to get out of the country at least once. This is my opportunity to just do it. I've got to get a work Visa along with my passport. Which once again, requires $. While I'm in Spain I'll be working with the WOOF program. It basically sets you up with an organic farm and you work for your room and board. I think its a great program and seems like a good time.

4-Be content with being single. I ended 2010 single, and I ain't even mad about it.  It seems that right now in my life, there's more important things to stress about. If someone happens to come along, that's great. But, I'm gonna continue to do me and that's all that matters.

5-Be a bitch. Or more simply, continue having the attitude that gets shit done/taken care of. For example, the other day I was at Macy's trying to return some shirts that were a gift. I had the receipt and everything, but there was a 6 month time limit. The cashier couldn't give me the original price from the receipt for the clothes, which is fine, but then she could only put the money back on the original credit card that purchased the clothes. Obviously, I didn't have the original card. The cashier seemed hesitant to offer any real help, but after some persistence, she called the manager. The manager fixed the problem in like 3 seconds. Seriously, that's all it took, was a little bitchiness.

That's pretty much it. I encourage everyone to look at their lives and make small changes where-ever possible. New Year resolutions are a little cliche, but sometimes that's just the thing we need to kick start change.

January 5, 2011

Feathers and Glitter

Outfit Post

excuse the mess... 

Dress- Urban Outfitters

This post is a little picture heavy, but I really had a lot to choose from. Nina and I went a little cray cray taking pictures over the break. I also picked up a new camera. Maybe you can tell the difference from the last outfit post, maybe you can't. Either way, its nicer and I needed it. 

So, I got back to Florida last night around 11. It was a long traveling day. When my dad picked me up, I  decided to tell him about my plans for the future.Work,Spain,work and more travel, he then preceded to tell me that it wouldn't work. He was like 'I know a lot of college kids go to Europe after college, but those are kids that have the means to do so'. It's just like, fuck that. I can make it work. I know I can. I just have to really push myself. It just sucks that he basically thinks i'm wasting my time by being a substitute right now. I have to remind him, a lot that the economy sucks balls.  I'm going to make this Spain thing work, though.

January 2, 2011

Hot Sunday

Well, Lovelies, my trip is almost over. I'm headed back to tulsa tomorrow for one more night and hopefully, a tattoo with my bestie. I need the HP tattoo. It's very important to us. She's going to get a Raven-claw and I'm gettting the Deathly Hallows symbol.
Overall, I think everything has been fabulous. New Years was spent running around Norman like the old days. It's funny cause I'm just not as young as I used to be. Not that I'm old, but being 24, does make a difference.

An outfit post is on the waaaaay.