January 15, 2011

My Body My Choice

Bits and Pieces.

  • I'm gong to stop taking birth control.  I've been on birth control since I was 15 years old. Almost 10 years of never missing a month.  120 months of pumping extra hormones into my body. I finally feel like I no longer need it, like I got this. I do know that it will be harder and I'll have to be safe every time, which I hope everyone is. (Just you're friendly STD reminder, stay on top of that shit.) 

  • My dad and I went to dinner last night and we actually talked about my future. It was a good conversation and I feel better knowing that he supports my decision to go to Spain. I guess he was just worried about it being a real program and stuff. He even offered to take care of Sadie, even though he insists on calling her Shady. a la Eminem.
                                This isn't sadie, although, it looks exactly like her.
  • I've been really good about working out. Like I've been going 3x a week and I haven't missed one. I already feel more limber and less bloated. Plus, I can bust a move to some pretty bad-ass songs. It's funny cause most of the women in the class are older white beach ladies. But, they can bust a move, fo sho.

Also, I'm thinking about doing a sunglasses give-a-away. I've got a crap load of sunglasses and I'm going to give-a-away some. I'll send them to you and everything. So, if you'd be interested, click "interesting" on the bottom of this post. That's it. I just need to know that a enough people want free sunglasses.


Goldar said...

I'll take the most gender neutral you have . I need another trinkit to remember you by.

Anna L said...

I want some sunglasses!