January 13, 2011


I love this chick. I totally agree, body mods are body mods. They should be treated equally and no one should be harassed. I hate it when people say crap about my septum or my tattoos. People just think they can say ridiculousness to me, and I'll entertain it, but I usually shut it down.

Guy at bar: What's that in your nose?
Me: What's that all over your face?

Note: The guy's friend ended up buying our drinks that night to make up for his douche friend. :)



flyingmunkey said...

have you seen the documentary "Modify"? there's some pretty interesting stuff in there, saw a few things i didn't even know people were doing.

Tinapunk said...

Hmm, I think I have seen it actually. It's been a while. Yeah, people are constantly changing and modify themselves. I just wish tattoos were in the same category as a boob job.

flyingmunkey said...

yeah, there's no reason they shouldn't be considered the same. even something as simple as my facial hair has led to me getting unnecessary looks and comments, and i'm sure it's cost me a few jobs judging from the faces of the interviewers. it's pretty lame.