September 30, 2012

Hot Sunday


It's late afternoon Sunday, and I'm just now about to eat. I had a rough night. Well, it was a good night until I ate a philly and barfed all over the place. Similar to what this kid did recently.  Lol. I think I'll always have problems gauging my liquor intake. 
  What makes it worse, is that I only had one shot, and 3 beers. 

Once, the dust settles, I can see clearly. And so far things seem to be better.

Enjoy the Hot People

OMG, her quote, get it gurl!!


September 21, 2012

Hot Friday, dejected.

These Girls.


Holy Fuck. Things have been outta control lately. Stitches. Fights. Lost Loves. And of course bills, but thankfully, I'm getting paid at my job. I hate being so down. But shit has me waaay down.

 I feel like I don't have anyone to talk too. I thought that with moving  to Tulsa, it would bring me more friends because I supposedly  knew more people. That was a false sense of security.  
It's still a new town and making new friends takes time.  

It's easy to say it will get better, but  impossible difficult to believe it.

Enjoy the pleasant distraction of Hot People.

Mr. James Deen
Hannah Martin x Mellisa Clarke

London Andrews

Milla Jovovich