November 29, 2009

Fake Legs and All

This woman is Amazing. Could she be any more inspiring? Her attitude about life is perfect. Too many people just give up when something gets hard. I'm not the poster child for persistance. I tend to find another route if something is too difficult.

Thanksgiving was lovely this year. I enjoyed practically every minute, which is saying something.

November 18, 2009

Being 23.

Here's some of my favorite post-secrets. Enjoy.

I'm 23.
Holy fuck. I'm 23. Now, that I'm 23, I expect more out of myself, and more out of the boys I date.

Take for example, the last boy I dated...
He was painfully average, so average that I didn't give him a nickname. Although, rich boy would fit rather well. So, we go out for drinks a couple times, things are well.
We're in that beginning stage: "you're awesome" "no you're awesome" "we're awesome"
So we had started dating about 2-3 weeks before my birthday. My birthday comes around, and nothing. Rich boy doesn't even tell me 'happy birthday'.
No sir, I will not put up with that crap. I'm 23 now, not 17. I will not date boys who don't acknowledge certain important events. No, these events don't need diamonds, but a 2 dolla card from dollar general would be nice. Sadly, I don't get to end things with him.
He ends them first.... in a facebook message.
My life is awesome.
His reason for ending our dating adventure was because we have deep philosophical differences. As in, I believe there MIGHT be a god and he KNOWS that there isn't a god.
Whatever, dude.

It's life. I'll accept it.

November 14, 2009

Crap. Its my bday. Come drink. 1615 Rowena ln.

November 4, 2009

Pirate Hooker Zombie

So I wanted to look hot this hallow's eve, but on the same token, I didn't want to be another dumb bumblebee.

So instead, I was a pirate hooker zombie...
Started with a fresh base

Added some color, and some huge eyelashes..
After the latex dried, my friend, Nina added the blood and guts.
Following that, I added more blood. More blood is always better..
Finally, dirt and Vaseline...

Full Body. Yeah, that skirt is shorrrt.
My friend, Nina who did the gross scars.