January 27, 2011

Free Sunnies!

It's going to warm and sunny eventually and one can never have too many sunglasses. Except, I do, which is why I'm giving 1/3 of them away. I want to show my appreciation to everyone who reads my blog. All the little clicks at the end of posts the "interesting" "cool" "funny" really do mean a lot.  I will try to do a couple give-a-aways a year.

1- These are your basic standard plastic old school shades. I think they were my dads at one point. 

2- These are awesome sunglasses, they're a little loose and might need to be taken to a sunglass hut or such, they should fix them for free though. Also, these sit wide on the face.

3- Black aviators. I think I found these on campus a long time ago

4- Basic red sunglasses. These are old. They're made of the hard solid plastic, not the light crappy kind that breaks in two seconds. They also fit a little tight on.

5- These are the same as the red, except a nice sky blue color and they're new. 

6- Last pair, and probably the oldest and most coolest. These also need a little fine tuning at a sunglass shop, but it should still be free.


To get the sunglasses you must comment on this entry with your email. I will choose 3 winners. I will use a random number generator to find the winners. 1st place will have 1st choice and so on. I will email you to get your address and such. Also, please spread the message! I probably won't even need to use the random number generator thing. The chance of winning a pair of sunglasses is like 90%.


Sayruh said...

My husband used to have those exact blue and black ones and I sat on them and broke them! Love the selectionnn. I wish I had that many sunglasses to chose from!!!

....you should pick me

Jamie Wright said...

Ooh! Yes please Mrs! Roll me into that lotto :)


How's FL treating you?
-Jamie Wright

Lilly said...


I love sunglasses. : )

Anonymous said...

Ah...coolness! spritzychic@yahoo.com

brandy said...

My collection would be huge if I didn't sit on them all...
I like your style.

jkcbaby said...

I love you and your sunglasses are badass!

jkcbaby said...

oh and jac_champlin@yahoo.com

Goldar said...

I want a pair. Something to remember you by.

Goldar said...

Forgot the rules in my mushy message.

Anonymous said...

protect mine eyes from the brightness of the light!!

G said...

Gerald Guidry AKA Geezy F. Baby's e-mail
Love your blog. Combines the simplicity of livejournal that I miss and hot babes and dudes with abs that I have always loved.


Christina said...

those last ones are GORGEOUS. i had a similar pair that used to belong to my gma, but they broke!


miss ya!

Monte said...

Ahh, I want one!
Thanks for doing this give away!

katy jane said...

I love your blog and those shades are gorgeous!


thatnycgirl said...

Hiii! i love these shades and your blog :D
my email is ohmydinaxd@aol.com (:

JustATeen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Wow pretty nice sunglasses haha.

Unknown said...

Wow pretty nice sunglasses haha.