May 29, 2011

Last Hot Sunday EVERRR

Ok, this might not be the last Hot Sunday ever, but it's certainly going to the last for the summer. I doubt this will be missed though. Not that I'm doing this for the attention, wait, who I am kidding? Blogging is about as egotistical as it gets.  Show me some love, por favor lovelies. 

 I reach out through my blog because of the lack of support  IRL.   My dad has given me a lecture twice about being an adult and canceling my trip to Barcelona. TWICE. It's like my degree means nothing to him. And to appease him and myself, I've started toying with the idea of grad school.
Al's first response, "How are you going to pay for it?"

Life's hard enough with all the other haters in the world. I wish I had more support. But, fuck it.
 I'm going to SPAIN.

May 23, 2011

Give Me a Ride

My car didn't start this morning.

The battery is dead. I don't want to replace it when I'm leaving in 10 days. Then the car will just sit there for the summer. Plus, I don't have $. I should just sell my car to those places that advertise "title or no title". Maybe, I could get like $300. But then again, do I want to completely car-less when I get back to Florida?

Oh, and I would plan on riding my bike this week, but my back tire is flat.

Apparently this little bitty plastic piece broke which caused my brake lights to stay on constantly. It was fixed fo free. But then, my phone just crapped out on me. Oh well, I can live without a phone until August.

May 22, 2011

Hot Sunday-R

Yeahhh. This Hot Sunday represents last night. Fun and a little Naughty. Breaking my sobriety for the first time in a couple weeks. Another Saturday night at the beaches. We stopped at Lemon Bar first. I walked right up to the door with a 4loko, like no big deal. The cop thought differently, but surprisingly just asked me to throw it away.Very politely, in fact.
We left there and went to the main Beaches area. It was packed, felt like the beginning of summer.When we got there, a couple cops in a golf-cart like vehicle asked if we wanted a ride. They were hot. So we accepted.  Oh, and at Lemon Bar, I exchanged #'s with a lovely surfer.

I leave in like 10 days. I've decided not to take my laptop. It's going to be hard disconnecting from the Internet, but I need too. Plus, this thing would just become a pain. It's so heavy and people have traveled forever without anything. I'll be fine. I think.

May 17, 2011


Fuck this. 
Peace out, bitches.

Please Watch

Video's like this are so important. I see children with bad home lives often.
Some are worse than others. But no child should have to live through abuse. Remember that book, "A child called "It"...So awful. It's a good reminder to speak up or ask for help if theirs abuse around you. 

May 15, 2011

Hot Sunday- PG13

Tina Fey

 These pictures aren't overtly sexy, they're a little different but still hot. I'd even say they were the classiest pictures to date. Some would say most boring to date...
It's probably because I was an old lady this weekend.  I worked, exercised, did some some grocery shopping,went to the beach,took some books to the library, and watched a movie. ( Rabbit Hole- Pretty good and sad, like make you never want to have kids sad. And Aaron Eckhart shows his delicious abs. )
I did exactly what I said I was going to do. Took a weekend off.  I saved $ and calories since I didn't drink. Which are two important things. I don't feel groggy or whatever. It's been nice. I'm sure next weekend I'll make up for it by getting beyond trashed. 

Here's some gifs to make up for my lack of XXX.


May 12, 2011

Daily WTF

This is why the world is going to hell in a hand basket. 

May 10, 2011


Bits and Pieces

  • I didn't call my mother for mother's day. I didn't call anyone. I feel a little guilty and jealous.  I wish I had a better relationship with my mother. But, it is what is. 
  • I need to figure out what I'm going to do when I get back from Spain. I can't live with Albert anymore. It's just not a good look and things are still weird. And, I'm a fucking adult. I'm supposed to have my life sorted and shit by now, right?  I need to get a job in Texas before I move there. If anyone hears of anything in that area, pass it along, please! 
  • Oh, I decided to take a break with it all before Spain as well. Sex and Alcohol are no longer in my life for the next 2 weeks. I need to find my center and sort my shit. Those two things cloud my judgement too much. 

May 8, 2011

Hot Men Sunday

Zac Effron

I have certain standards when it comes to hot Sunday, and today I lowered them. I like to make sure the face is always visible. I think it makes the pictures worth more, gives them more life. The last two pictures, are faceless, but they contain the other "brain". They're from that hipster porn. If you like hipsters and porn, you'll probably  like love it. 

In other news, I did the whole drunk texting/calling last night. Thank god, I didn't try and contact any exs. Nope, it was only my hot neighbor, the sailor, and this other guy. Whoooopies.

God, I can't wait for Spain.

May 7, 2011

May 5, 2011


Why I'm glad Osama Bin Laden is dead....

Osama Bin Laden didn't personally fly the planes into the twin towers. Instead, he helped orchestrate the event from start to finish and was the face of terrorism.  I might not jump around shouting, "USA,USA,USA" but, I still feel pride. I'm proud of President Obama for stepping up to the plate and serving justice after 10 years. It would have been better if he were alive and brought to trial. But, OBL didn't go quietly. The Navy also gave Bin Laden a proper Muslim burial at sea. (Muslims aren't normally buried at sea, but they still followed the basic traditions, I'm honestly at little confused about this...)

I agree with the President's decision to not release the photos of OBL. I think he referred to the pictures as trophies.  It's a good direction to go in since he's receiving a lot of criticism from people who don't agree with the killing, and the way it was handled. It's funny, how people want to sprout bible verses condemning death. Like, aren't you an atheist?
I also think that this will help secure Obama's place as a two-term president. I heard a joke, about how Obama should have waited until October to release the information. LOL. At least we can rest assured knowing our President is honest (as much as he can be) with the American people.

p.s. If you think I'm wrong, tell me. Let's Discuss.
p.s.s. I'll always have love for Obama.

May 3, 2011

It Gets Better

This is fantastic. Kudos to Google for making this AD, that focuses on such an important issue.
And yes, I teared up.

May 1, 2011


10,001 hits on my blog!! 

It's not much, but to me, it's pretty cool. Imma celebrate a little.

Also, thank you everyone who supports me with this blog. I've put a lot of work into this blog. Remember: If you want support for your own shit (music,art,craft,blog,ect) you, need to show support to other people. We're a community. I'm kinda getting tired of people, wanting me to promote/check out their shit when they can't even "like" my shit or whatever. Just sayin.

Hot Sunday: Summer Edition

    I haven't been to the beach in like 3 days. It's going to be even longer than that, too, since I just got another tattoo today. My friend is moving to Miami and I went over to chill, say good-byes. She had a guy coming over to give her a tattoo, so of course I stayed and got one. It was straight hood style, and when I told the guy it was a Harry Potter tattoo, he just kinda laughed. (I know, Nina...) Anyways, a little tattoo is the perfect ending for this weekend.

p.s. Do ya'll have any requests for hot sunday?