May 5, 2011


Why I'm glad Osama Bin Laden is dead....

Osama Bin Laden didn't personally fly the planes into the twin towers. Instead, he helped orchestrate the event from start to finish and was the face of terrorism.  I might not jump around shouting, "USA,USA,USA" but, I still feel pride. I'm proud of President Obama for stepping up to the plate and serving justice after 10 years. It would have been better if he were alive and brought to trial. But, OBL didn't go quietly. The Navy also gave Bin Laden a proper Muslim burial at sea. (Muslims aren't normally buried at sea, but they still followed the basic traditions, I'm honestly at little confused about this...)

I agree with the President's decision to not release the photos of OBL. I think he referred to the pictures as trophies.  It's a good direction to go in since he's receiving a lot of criticism from people who don't agree with the killing, and the way it was handled. It's funny, how people want to sprout bible verses condemning death. Like, aren't you an atheist?
I also think that this will help secure Obama's place as a two-term president. I heard a joke, about how Obama should have waited until October to release the information. LOL. At least we can rest assured knowing our President is honest (as much as he can be) with the American people.

p.s. If you think I'm wrong, tell me. Let's Discuss.
p.s.s. I'll always have love for Obama.


Anonymous said...

Where is the thanks for the Navy Seals? Where is the pat on the back for the CIA? Obama didn't hunt OBL down and pull the trigger. Obama just gets to be the face of the victory; a victory that Bush made a priority when he was in office and the military and other agencies have been working on for 10 years. I don't see why this American achievement alone should secure him a second term in office. Yes, he gave an order, but give credit where credit is due, to the military and CIA intelligence. Don't shoot the messenger, but don't praise him unduly.

On another note, I think it was a wise decision to NOT release the photos.

Tinapunk said...

Maybe, I didn't personally give love to the CIA or the Navy Seals. But Obama did. He personally met with the Navy Seals to congratulate them and I'm sure he did the same with the CIA team.
This will *help* secure a second term for him, in the same way the war *helped* Bush secure a second term. Obama does get to be the face, that's his job as president. He represents the good (when things are good) and definitely the bad. (which it has been lately, economy, jobs, ect.)

Thanks for your thoughts anon!!!