December 20, 2012

Hot Friday

Hola Gatitos!!

It's been a minute. I feel like Christmas has snuck up on us like a snake, like that time my brother got bit by a snake but we only knew it bit him waaaay later due to the fact that he had a pierced and bloody ear. Yeah, Xmas is like that.

I was stood up last week by the drummer. He had been honest with me, telling me that he's not looking for a relationship because of trust issues. Which is more than most guys tell me. He still seemed down to hangout and such until he just literally stopped texting on the day of our plans. I have yet to hear from him. Something of this level hasn't happened to me in a while. I thought "older" guys were above that childish behavior. ( He was 32) Obliviously, I thought wrong. 

Sometimes, I worry about being alone forever. Like maybe soul mates don't exist. Or maybe they do and mine just saw me and decided against it. IDK. 

Enjoy the Hot People

Love her!

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