February 25, 2009

and, i present, the president of the United States

February 23, 2009

Songs that make you smile...

So, I already have a song player inbedded on my profile page. I just decided to change those songs, so they would relate more to gender, and leave it on my page to the right.

House of Cards- Radiohead : the songs first sentence is "i dont want to be your friend, i just want to be your lover" i think this relates to gender, because it is the new way of thinking from our generation. from men and women. no longer are we looking for life-long mates, its more of a one month, one night, one year type of commitments.

Summertime- Ella Fitzgirald: this song, is about love, emotions, and happiness. This is more about woman, and their own feelings of love and happiness about finding a guy or someone special to spend summer with

Womanizer- Brittany Spears: do i need to explain this one? basically its britany spears stating her reasons for not wanting to be with a guy because he goes around screwing a lot of other woman, and hiding it from her.

Smile-Lily Allen: this song is about the turmoil of breaking up and someone, and how that makes her feel.

The fife book is getting better and better, chap 7. really connected with me.. There is a class stuggle between the white upperclass women, and the non-white lower class women. The non-white lower class women usually work for white upper class women, and this in a sense keeps them at a different level. You can say that they choose, to work for those women, but most times, its the world they grew up in that chose it for them. Access to education is a huge one.

February 22, 2009

Dance with the Devil

Dance With The Devil - Immortal Technique (Music Video) from Iron Brothers Entertainment on Vimeo.

Just found this video, and I think its pretty awesome, and sincerely sad, since its true. Watch it till the end.

February 20, 2009

Both of these images degrade women. The man, is fully clothed, just 'chillen', he has a slight smirk on his face, almost a 'i know something you don't know' type of thing, and the women, are completely naked, and oiled up. The picture with the perfume between the boobs is particularly disturbing, there is a sex act, where the man puts his penis between her boobs, and does pretty much exactly like the model is doing. Coincidance? Probably not. The models faces are cut off, insinuating that they faces don't even matter.
People will say, oh, sex sells. But, this is purfume for women.

February 16, 2009

Woman Studies Future.

I am definitely taking other classes in WS. I want to take the body image course, and I think a couple more. Gender will play a huge role in my future. I'm a MDS major, with my theme being: Newscast writing and gender/social issues. Right now I'm taking a Human Relations course called Gender and War, so gender will always be apart of my life.
My work history has been pretty sporadic; call centers, car wash, camp counselor, server, and sales. Most of those places seemed to have gender equality. Although, at the car wash, I was inside taking money, and the guys were outside washing the cars. A couple months ago, while I was looking for a job, I went to a local mexican restaurant, tarahumara's
and the manager said he didn't hire female servers because 'they couldn't keep up with the work load' yeah, I almost laughed, until I realized he was serious, then, I was mad. And now, I refuse to go there because of the inequality of the work place.

The Hull article was really eye-opening. It is hard to imagine life with two 'negatives' against you. The negatives of course can be interpreted differently, but for the most part, if your a woman your automatically not as a smart as men, but then, as a black person, you are compared to other races. So, I could only imagine. I really enjoyed reading her opinion of this issue.

February 11, 2009

Iron Jawed Angels

I loved this movie. I felt that the movie was different in away in which it was based on historical events, with surprising accuracy, but was very modern at the same time. The music and the non-accents of the actors annoyed me, but over-all I enjoyed it.
I felt that a under-lying theme was woman's sexuality, that woman can actually find men attractive (gasp!) and can be aroused by said man.
It surprised me that the man who works for the Washington post, we'll just call him, McDreamy ended up teaching Alice how to be a woman in a relationship sence. Even if McDreamy was being a bit of a chauvinist in the beginning, he definitely switched sides in the end.
The tensions amoung the woman were intense, they were working toward something the greatly believed in, the woman actually started working against each other in the middle of the movie. The NWP and The WAWSA did not go about things in the same way. One sat back and worked quitly for change, the other took matters into their own hands.
The NWP achieved their goals by not backing down, and standing up for what they believed in no matter what. Thats what true conviction takes. Also, at the very end during the senate's vote of the 19th bill, the Mr. Burn that receives a tela-gram from his mother, is true!

The FIFE book seems to be a little more brave and blunt than, the F word. I really like the definition of Feminism: a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. I am glad that the author brought up the fact that sisterhood would be much more powerful if we were nice to eachother, and worked together. Lower class women are exploited by higher class woman.

February 4, 2009

Showdown at the OK corral

I'm not quite sure if anyone from class reads this besides our professor, but I'd like to apologize for my strong opinions that I expressed earlier in class today. The issue of gay-marriage hits really close to home, as I have a aunt who is fighting for her right to wed her partner of 6 years. I love her, respect her, and I believe that she has every right to be married just like me. Granted maybe she shouldn't be married in a church, if that is your opinion, but she should still receive the same benefits and respect that married couples receive.

Again, I am sorry for the outburst.

February 1, 2009

Caldonia, adorable.

Video sent by redhotjazz1

From the Movie: Love Me or Leave Me, 1955

?s and Answers about Feminism back in the day

I'm interviewing my grandmother, who is 59, and lived in Warner, Oklahoma during her twenties.

me: When when you were growing up, what did you experience as gender specific?
g: You were supposed to be married at 20, if you didn't you were considered a old maid...

me: How many siblings did you have, and were the chores gender specific?
g: 5 siblings, and yes, the chores were very gender specific. the boys only had to mow the yard.

me: When the feminist revolution was going on did you get to experience any of it?
g: I was too busy raising my children, to have anything to do with it.

me: What did you think about it?
g: I think the woman had a right, they had a point.

me: Can you define feminism?
g: A woman trying to be equal, while working at a job there was man who worked right beside me, and he was being payed twice as much as me. It was a factory that made doors, and we were inspectors.

Her experiences were ones where she didn't really have the ability to fight for her rights, or stand up for herself. Raising children were her primary goals, and her main responsibility. If she spoke up at that job, their was a very large chance that she could be fired.


The McIntire article was very interesting. I give her a lot of props for going into a story like that. It's hard to look at things from other perspectives, especially if they make your 'race' or 'family' or whomever, look bad. I agreed with a lot of her findings. Being Hispanic, I looked at the story with how many of her findings did I find personally true or false.

F Word Ch. 3: Focused on woman's main issues in life, and what they are or are not doing to make those issues better for woman kind. It is interesting to note that even though they assumed that younger woman weren't voting, it turns out after research that the majority of them were. That makes me happy. You have to be involved in the politcal process, otherwise you have no reason to complain about outcomes. The top concerns for woman seemed a little out-dated. Especailly with this awful economy right now. The self-identity one, was a little off, I would think that more woman would care about Education and Heath Care, instead of themselves. But we are all selfish. They say, the twenties are the most selfish period.