February 11, 2009

Iron Jawed Angels

I loved this movie. I felt that the movie was different in away in which it was based on historical events, with surprising accuracy, but was very modern at the same time. The music and the non-accents of the actors annoyed me, but over-all I enjoyed it.
I felt that a under-lying theme was woman's sexuality, that woman can actually find men attractive (gasp!) and can be aroused by said man.
It surprised me that the man who works for the Washington post, we'll just call him, McDreamy ended up teaching Alice how to be a woman in a relationship sence. Even if McDreamy was being a bit of a chauvinist in the beginning, he definitely switched sides in the end.
The tensions amoung the woman were intense, they were working toward something the greatly believed in, the woman actually started working against each other in the middle of the movie. The NWP and The WAWSA did not go about things in the same way. One sat back and worked quitly for change, the other took matters into their own hands.
The NWP achieved their goals by not backing down, and standing up for what they believed in no matter what. Thats what true conviction takes. Also, at the very end during the senate's vote of the 19th bill, the Mr. Burn that receives a tela-gram from his mother, is true!

The FIFE book seems to be a little more brave and blunt than, the F word. I really like the definition of Feminism: a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. I am glad that the author brought up the fact that sisterhood would be much more powerful if we were nice to eachother, and worked together. Lower class women are exploited by higher class woman.

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