February 16, 2009

Woman Studies Future.

I am definitely taking other classes in WS. I want to take the body image course, and I think a couple more. Gender will play a huge role in my future. I'm a MDS major, with my theme being: Newscast writing and gender/social issues. Right now I'm taking a Human Relations course called Gender and War, so gender will always be apart of my life.
My work history has been pretty sporadic; call centers, car wash, camp counselor, server, and sales. Most of those places seemed to have gender equality. Although, at the car wash, I was inside taking money, and the guys were outside washing the cars. A couple months ago, while I was looking for a job, I went to a local mexican restaurant, tarahumara's
and the manager said he didn't hire female servers because 'they couldn't keep up with the work load' yeah, I almost laughed, until I realized he was serious, then, I was mad. And now, I refuse to go there because of the inequality of the work place.

The Hull article was really eye-opening. It is hard to imagine life with two 'negatives' against you. The negatives of course can be interpreted differently, but for the most part, if your a woman your automatically not as a smart as men, but then, as a black person, you are compared to other races. So, I could only imagine. I really enjoyed reading her opinion of this issue.

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