February 1, 2009

?s and Answers about Feminism back in the day

I'm interviewing my grandmother, who is 59, and lived in Warner, Oklahoma during her twenties.

me: When when you were growing up, what did you experience as gender specific?
g: You were supposed to be married at 20, if you didn't you were considered a old maid...

me: How many siblings did you have, and were the chores gender specific?
g: 5 siblings, and yes, the chores were very gender specific. the boys only had to mow the yard.

me: When the feminist revolution was going on did you get to experience any of it?
g: I was too busy raising my children, to have anything to do with it.

me: What did you think about it?
g: I think the woman had a right, they had a point.

me: Can you define feminism?
g: A woman trying to be equal, while working at a job there was man who worked right beside me, and he was being payed twice as much as me. It was a factory that made doors, and we were inspectors.

Her experiences were ones where she didn't really have the ability to fight for her rights, or stand up for herself. Raising children were her primary goals, and her main responsibility. If she spoke up at that job, their was a very large chance that she could be fired.


The McIntire article was very interesting. I give her a lot of props for going into a story like that. It's hard to look at things from other perspectives, especially if they make your 'race' or 'family' or whomever, look bad. I agreed with a lot of her findings. Being Hispanic, I looked at the story with how many of her findings did I find personally true or false.

F Word Ch. 3: Focused on woman's main issues in life, and what they are or are not doing to make those issues better for woman kind. It is interesting to note that even though they assumed that younger woman weren't voting, it turns out after research that the majority of them were. That makes me happy. You have to be involved in the politcal process, otherwise you have no reason to complain about outcomes. The top concerns for woman seemed a little out-dated. Especailly with this awful economy right now. The self-identity one, was a little off, I would think that more woman would care about Education and Heath Care, instead of themselves. But we are all selfish. They say, the twenties are the most selfish period.

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