November 30, 2010

Full of Grace

Jumper- Urban Outfitters
Shoes-Thrift Store
Hair Bow- DIY 
Event- Errands

This was right before Thanksgiving break. The weather has been unseasonably warm, or maybe its normal, but it seems so different. Oklahoma is cold not freezing, but a good 15 degrees cooler. I've been used to Oklahoma weather for over 20 years. I think i'm  more suited for a warmer climate.  Maybe even warmer than North Florida. 

Thanksgiving was really good this year. My dad and I flew to Amarillo together. It was our first time flying together, and it was really intersting. I have a very laid back and cocky attitude about flying. My dad is a little more up tight, which is fine, cause it means we won't miss our flight. Anyways, we had an interesting conversation on the way back.

Me: Why do they tell us to put away electronics when we're just going to sit here for 20 min?
Dad: Just put it away
Me: I am
Dad: No, you're texting!
Me: So! I'll put it away when we start to move
Dad: I'm not going to help you if you get in trouble
Me: Good!  (Then I put it away...)

I think I revert back to being 13 years old when I'm around him. It was good being around my cousins though, I miss them and I wish I could see them more. The rest of my family is doing really well. I just need to be closer to them and my family in Oklahoma.  Even though, I think my Hispanic family took my tattoo better than my family in Oklahoma will take it.  

Yeah, She's massive and my favorite. I'm getting her filled next week.

November 21, 2010

Ride Away


Jacket-  Dillards
Tee-  Dillards
Leggings-  Forever 21
Necklace-  Gift from Erin. :) I've added some charms to it over the years. 

So, having the flash off completely changed the look of the pictures. I like the dark look though. I need a better camera. I guess, I could have bought myself a nice new camera for my birthday. Instead, I went and got a tattoo. At least a tat is guaranteed to last forever.  I'm ready for the holidays. I can't wait to spend time with my family. It just sucks cause I have to leave Sadie. At least its only for 4 days, don't judge me. 

I'm terribly annoyed with boys right now. Remember Republican boy, well he called me twice last night. Once at like midnight, I just ignored the call and a second time at 2:45 which I answered. I said something like, "What the fuck is wrong with you?? Delete my number!" I hung up after that. Some guys can't get a clue to save their life.

November 18, 2010

Where's yo fire?

I'm naive to the 10th degree. I was at Endo Exo a small club down town. My friend, Nas and I had been there for about 10 minutes, when coming from the bathroom we noticed some shit going down in the patio. I was a little interested, Nas was only interested in staying by the exits. We were in the front part of the club when the bouncers started literally carrying people out the front door. Some guys were yelling "Were fucking gangstas, you don't know."

 It was only a little ridiculous, until someone yelled about shooting the place up. At that moment, this fear swelled up inside me. The front part of the club was small and if someone did start shooting up the place, it wouldn't be unusual for a stray bullet to hit someone. I would have stayed there like a scared little girl, if Nas hadn't pulled me in the other room. Everyone was trying to fit in this little hallway that led to the dance floor. Nas's 5 dollar drink ended up all over the floor from all the pushing and shoving. I was like, "Why did you bring me here, Nas?"  I'm a little embarrassed about saying that, but it was chaotic. All it takes is one person to pull out their fire.

So, the police lock the place down. No one in or out, so while we were trapped I wanted to chill outside and Nas was like, we should stay right by the door. She wanted to be able to go inside or outside at a moments notice.  While we were outside, I overhead guys talking about their fire.. "Wheres yo fire? Did you leave yo fire at home? Bring yo fire up here" I thought they needed a lighter. Thank god, I didn't walk up to them with a fucking lighter in my hand. We were able to leave and everything was ok, but I need to be way more aware of my surroundings. 

November 14, 2010

Walking Dead


Kittens, I know I've shared one fear with you, Sinkholes. Today, I'm going to share the most deepest of all fears and perhaps, it's everyone's hidden fear: Zombies.


I think a fear of Zombies is understandable and almost expected. We live in a nation that constantly barrages us with images of zombies, death, and the Apocalypse. Then you have this whole 2012 business.  The Mayan calender ends in 2012. So of course it means the whole world will implode on itself or a virus takes over humankind and everyone is turned into a Zombie.


It only seems natural that our wonderful nation would make a TV series about Zombies. This particular TV series is on AMC. A network that has brought you, Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The Walking Dead brings gore and death to the story like a stupid sitcom brings the laugh track. I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves Zombies. This isn't the best written TV show, but the characters are finding their ways and the story is straight-forward. If you missed the first two episodes, don't fret, because tonight AMC is playing the first two shows followed by the new episode. It's just for you! So spend your evening curled up in ball and shielding your eyes. Enjoy some zombie pictures from The Walking Dead.




November 10, 2010

In the Beginning

Outfit Post

Cardigan- Dillards
Blouse- I <3 Ronson
Skirt- NY Clothing
Tights- Target
Shoes- Payless Shoes
Watch- Target
Occasion- Subbing

This is a typical substitute outfit. I've been wearing heels a lot when I sub lately. I think it conveys a certain attitude. It doesn't help though, when other students are sportin 5 inch heels. I remember wearing heels occasionally to class. Most of the time, they were boots with thick chunky heels. A bit of goth with punk undertones. Now, I have to think about my image and the message it sends out.
I've also been thinking about taking out my septum. Which means, I'll probably never have a  facial piercing again. I wear my septum ring up 90%  of the time, anyways. I have to be off work, not wearing gold, and be in the right environment. (I have a strong policy about wearing gold and silver at the same time) It's fine though, I'll trade piercings for tattoos.

Panther Update:
Sadie is doing sooo much better. Today, she was getting all excited and running around. I can tell that she feels better. Thanks so much for all your kind words and vibes!! 

November 7, 2010

Forever Sick

Panther update:

Saturday morning as I was getting ready for Sadie's follow up apt, I heard a loud cry from her. It sounded like she was fighting with another cat. I ran into to the front room to see her with a puffy tail and a gap the size of a lime by her tail. I didn't freak out, per say, I just started rushing like a crazy person. I think its a requirement that all doctors no matter if they serve people or animals,to be at least 20 minutes late. When the vet finally popped in, I started to cry a little bit. I know, I'm a sap. I just love her. She's really all I have.


This picture was a day after she tore open her skin.  The cut actually goes under her tail. It definitely looks worse in person. I guess the drainage tube got caught on something and since the skin was full of little holes from the infection it opened up easily. It sucks because the wound can't be covered because of its location. It also can't be stitched up because the "skin is too weak".  Apparently, this happens often in animals and she'll heal fine. I just don't know if I believe the vet. She said give it ten days. I am to continue the antibiotics and cleanse the wound 2x a day. I doubt if thats enough though. Please send your healing vibes to Sadie. 

November 3, 2010

Drainage Tube

Outfit Post

Top- Given to my from my sister, who got it from Kim, our cousin
Cardigan-JC Penny
Shoes-Payless Shoes
Ring-Payless Shoes
Belt-From another dress
Occasion-Errands ( I didn't sub in this)

I feel like this week has been super busy. Today I woke up at 5:30 to work at a high school. The first time this year. I've been avoiding high schools because I was afraid of boys hitting on me and kids  being  disrespectful. When I dressed this morning I made sure to dress like a professional  bitch. My hair was pulled back into a severe bun. Unfortunately, it didn't work. The kids were turning in notes they took over the movie and one of the notes said, "I'm not going to lie, my substitute is pretty hot." I'm not going to lie and say that I wasn't flattered, but I didn't take his number. After school I had to run home and pick up Sadie for a vet apt. Apparently, the cut she had several weeks ago was from some animal with an infection. The infection grew under Sadie's skin while the cut healed above it, creating an abscess. Thankfully, she's fine now. She just has this weird drainage tube in her back for the pus. It's disgusting.
-Fashion Note-
Originally, I wasn't going to wear a belt with this outfit. If you notice in the 2nd picture, I just look huge. I  found a cute belt that gave the outfit more curves and the outfit improved immensely. Ladies, make sure that your accentuating your curves the right way. Billowy tops like the one above look best when theres some waist definition.