November 7, 2010

Forever Sick

Panther update:

Saturday morning as I was getting ready for Sadie's follow up apt, I heard a loud cry from her. It sounded like she was fighting with another cat. I ran into to the front room to see her with a puffy tail and a gap the size of a lime by her tail. I didn't freak out, per say, I just started rushing like a crazy person. I think its a requirement that all doctors no matter if they serve people or animals,to be at least 20 minutes late. When the vet finally popped in, I started to cry a little bit. I know, I'm a sap. I just love her. She's really all I have.


This picture was a day after she tore open her skin.  The cut actually goes under her tail. It definitely looks worse in person. I guess the drainage tube got caught on something and since the skin was full of little holes from the infection it opened up easily. It sucks because the wound can't be covered because of its location. It also can't be stitched up because the "skin is too weak".  Apparently, this happens often in animals and she'll heal fine. I just don't know if I believe the vet. She said give it ten days. I am to continue the antibiotics and cleanse the wound 2x a day. I doubt if thats enough though. Please send your healing vibes to Sadie. 


Violet said...

ohhh poor baby im so sorry. i know its worse when an animal is hurt cus you cant do much and cant hear what they are thinking.

im sending vibes :-)

Vi from Cali

Tinapunk said...

Thanks for the vibes pretty lady!
She's already better.