November 14, 2010

Walking Dead


Kittens, I know I've shared one fear with you, Sinkholes. Today, I'm going to share the most deepest of all fears and perhaps, it's everyone's hidden fear: Zombies.


I think a fear of Zombies is understandable and almost expected. We live in a nation that constantly barrages us with images of zombies, death, and the Apocalypse. Then you have this whole 2012 business.  The Mayan calender ends in 2012. So of course it means the whole world will implode on itself or a virus takes over humankind and everyone is turned into a Zombie.


It only seems natural that our wonderful nation would make a TV series about Zombies. This particular TV series is on AMC. A network that has brought you, Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The Walking Dead brings gore and death to the story like a stupid sitcom brings the laugh track. I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves Zombies. This isn't the best written TV show, but the characters are finding their ways and the story is straight-forward. If you missed the first two episodes, don't fret, because tonight AMC is playing the first two shows followed by the new episode. It's just for you! So spend your evening curled up in ball and shielding your eyes. Enjoy some zombie pictures from The Walking Dead.




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