February 27, 2011

Hot Sunday-Tattoo Edition

Damn Gurl, what u doing later?

Happy Hot Sunday, ya'll. This edition is male free, only because I lack enough pictures of hot males. I do not however lack pictures of hot females with tattoos. I want another tattoo. I wish they weren't so damn expensive. So far, I've spent roughly 1,200. Just imagine how much some people who are completely covered have spent. I just need to become very good friends with some local tattoo artists.
  So the relationship front is completely dead. I'm so over guys right now. It seems no matter where I meet them, online or in person, they only seem to want one thing. I'm worth way more than that one thing. 

p.s. Yay, GLEE!!

February 25, 2011

Turn Yo Swag On

Kid Cudi looks adorable. A while back, a male reader asked me where the male fashion was. I hadn't planned on featuring male fashion, but of course I have an opinion.

Male fashion is a growing area of interest. It's certainty not new, some males have been fashionably aware for-ever, and just continue to look fly. I have a few basic tips for males looking to step their game up by either impressing the ladies/fellas or looking to advance in the workplace. Looking nice, really does matter. It sucks that humans are that judgmental, but we are.

1. Fit Matters. I can't stress this enough. The crouch of your jeans should not hit your knees. The pants should fit tight, but not too tight. Some guys do look good in baggy jeans, but those guys are few and far between. If you have recently gained or lost weight, GO SHOPPING for new pants.

2. Shoes Matter. Women judge a guy based on his shoes. Don't let them lie to you, it might not be a deal breaker to some women, but to others its enough of a reason to not talk to you. You probably don't want to talk to those bitches, though. But, you still don't want to go out in your work-shoes, or something else equally scuffed up and  raggedy. Males need at least 3 decent pairs of shoes. Work/work-out shoes, dress shoes, and some fresh kicks.

3. Hygiene. Do I really need to elaborate? Actually, on second thought, yes I do. Listen boys, all hair on your body should be taken care of. That does not mean, remove it all. It means, get a hair cut, trim, pluck, whatever. It doesn't need to look like the queens garden downstairs, but don't let it be a crazy jungle.

 Gif is sorta unrelated, but hilarious.

4. Tops. This one is tricky. I'm inclined to say this is completely up to you. I have no advice, wear a plaid shirt, a band t-shirt, a crew neck, white v-neck... It's whatever. Let the shirt represent you. Just refrain from the bedazzled shirts. I will judge you extra hard for that.

For male shopping I recommend thrift-stores, ross,urban outfitters, ect. (All the hipster stores) You can find really good things, you just have to search and that takes patience. Here's some more pictures of adorable men who know how to dress. Some of the names, link back to articles covering their whole outfit.  

Andy Samberg

Some cute college student

February 22, 2011

Born this Way

Gaga has some writing skills, there's no denying it. Also, what a powerful message to send to thousands of teenagers/adults going through something difficult. Everyone could use some reassurance every now and then. You were born this way, dammit!! That little girl is Maria, and she sings the hell out of that song with over 11 million views!

Apparently, Perez Hilton found the video and since hes like, BFF's with Lady Gaga, he sent it to her. She viewed the video and decided to surprise Maria with a call on a radio station.  Gaga seems super sincere and really encouraging.

Why I am crying?? 

So yeah, I am now a bonafide Gaga fan. I am so excited to see her live in Dallas this spring break. I'mma dress all sorts of crazy and just go crazy in general. Annnd, we already started a dance routine to her song in Dance Trance.

February 21, 2011


 First winner is Jkcbaby!!

2nd Place- Miss. SJ!!!!
3rd Place- Lilly!!!!

Ladies, I've sent ou all emails about the win and asking for some information. As soon, as I get a response I'll send the sunglasses out. I'll try to do it timely, but you know how life goes. If I don't get responses from these ladies, I'll choose another winner.  Thanks for entering the contest.

February 20, 2011

Hot Sunday

Obama? Yes, Please.

    In response to posting less guys and more girls... 

Enjoy Hot Sunday, kittens. Tattoo free edition.
Speaking of tattoos, I did finish my lady. I need to post some pictures soon. This weekend was pretty fun. I feel like I accomplished some things. Last night, I went to a party my friend threw in a warehouse.  It was pretty fun. Met this guy..oh lord.... In 60 seconds, he told me his life story. Completely unnecessary. Especially since, his life story went like this:

Him: I'm older than all these kids in this place. I've been married for 5 years. I'm divorced now, 2 kids. 
 Me: Wow, ok. Just put it out on the table.

Also, let it be noted that he already stated he was 25. So, he got married at 20, helped produce 2 kids and then got a divorce. See, kids, don't get married young. You have very high chances of becoming a creepy old person hitting on 18 year olds in skimpy shirts. Which he did soon after his failed attempt at hitting on me. Sorry guy,your life story does not impress me.

Kid Cudi!!!!!!!

February 17, 2011

Wishful Thinking

My brother met this girl from Hungary. They met on a pen-pal website. They started talking through skype for a couple months. Then one day, as a complete surprise to my brother she came to America. Yeah, just like that movie except: she was white, had no money, was not royalty, and can't get a job. Okay, so nothing like the film. I just really like that movie.  She was supposed to go home the 1st of this month, but due to weather, her plane got delayed until April something. I'm not really sure how that works, but anyhow. She's staying. My theory all along was, she wants to get married, better yet, have a baby.

I am completely opposed to young people procreating and or getting married. Hasn't previous failed attempts at such things taught young people anything? Or are they just too naive and think, "it's different with us, we're not like the other people." Well, news flash you are. I don't want to be the big bitch who tells all the young people, "It will never work, you'll end up alone.." But, the chances of divorce when marrying under 24 is close to 50%, it drops to 24% if you wait till your over 24. Those extra years help to define your sense of self, which is really important.

Anyways, according to my his fb page, he is engaged. I've expressed my feelings about marriage to him, personally. Hopefully, he takes it into consideration. And, of course, I wish them the best. 

Oh, and theres this little video. Yeah, Tyra is kinda cray cray. But, so is this girl. I mean, what is wrong with kids these days??

P.S. Let it be known, that I love and care about my family. My brother is very important to me, I've done a lot for him over the years. It's not that I don't care about him or support him, it's that I want the best for him. The best, could be this girl, I'm not doubting that. I'm doubting the route that they're taking towards their future. It's sad, when people look at things and take them from the wrong context, and add a twist to it. This isn't a message of hate.

February 13, 2011

Hot Sunday Extra Raunchy Style

Consider this my Valentine's day gift to you. Raunchy Nudes. Ugh, Valentine's Day. I've only had one amazing Valentine's Day. I was a junior in high school and my boyfriend at the time, a senior. He showed up early to my house and brought roses, a card and a pickle. It was adorable. Nothing, has compared to that since. Jesus, that's sad...but, how sad is it when this is a manufactured holiday? Even though, I am sorta talking to someone, I don't expect anything. My day will be filled with work and working out.

I know, I still need to find a winner to the sunglasses give-a-away, but I've been terribly lazy and unfocused. Although, I have started to look for a farm in Spain. It's proving to be really hard to decide. I want to work on a farm with horses though, horses or an olive farm.

February 9, 2011

February 8, 2011

No More Jungle Kitty

Top- Forever 21 BodyShirt
Skirt-Some store in Miami when I was 13 years old. I went down there with my dad and we went to the beach and he gave me $ to go shopping. I left and went to some store and bought all kinds of crap. This is one of the oldest worn items in my closet.
Shoes- Ross
Belt-Thrift Store

Sometimes, I really hate my body. I know I talk about it a lot. I'm just being honest, not looking for self-esteem boosters.  Weight is just one of those issues. I feel like I'm working on it hard core. I'm just not seeing any progress. It's really hard to know what to eat and everything seems like its bad for me. I don't want to eat almonds and grilled chicken for the rest of my life, either.

I'm about to be a whole month with out being on birth-control. I've noticed subtle differences in my body. It's weird. I'm going to have to get used to a normal hormone body.

Oh, and it turns out my cat did get scratched/bitten by something on her arm. There's like this bump on her elbow. It's probably an abscess. Well, I'm never letting her outside again. Ever Again. Forever.

p.s. I don't really watch the Office, but I hear good things.

February 6, 2011

Hot Sunday

 I love this picture.

Today is an all girl cast. Plus, they're all lounging around, mostly in bed, just like I am. Except, I have smudged eye make-up and gross morning breath. I need more pictures of hot guys, but the interenet is kinda slacking on the hot guy front. Hot girls, all over the place, hot guys not so much. I mean, they're there, I just have to look harder.

I think I have to take my cat back to the vet. Somehow she hurt her leg, she's been limping around and all that jazz. I feel sorry for her, but I also can't really afford another trip to the vet. Thank god, she's my only responsibility, cause I couldn't handle anything more.

Oh, and I met someone. Someone real and well, I won't say anymore, except I feel good about it.