February 6, 2011

Hot Sunday

 I love this picture.

Today is an all girl cast. Plus, they're all lounging around, mostly in bed, just like I am. Except, I have smudged eye make-up and gross morning breath. I need more pictures of hot guys, but the interenet is kinda slacking on the hot guy front. Hot girls, all over the place, hot guys not so much. I mean, they're there, I just have to look harder.

I think I have to take my cat back to the vet. Somehow she hurt her leg, she's been limping around and all that jazz. I feel sorry for her, but I also can't really afford another trip to the vet. Thank god, she's my only responsibility, cause I couldn't handle anything more.

Oh, and I met someone. Someone real and well, I won't say anymore, except I feel good about it.

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