May 16, 2010

Long Long ago..

My first real boyfriend's birthday was a couple days ago. He turned 24. Which makes me feel a little old, but it aging is a part of life. Anyways, I told him happy birthday through FB. We probably haven't had a real conversation in over 2 years. Since FB told me it was his birthday, I felt obligated to say 'Happy Birthday'.
He commented my comment (what happened to wall-to-wall conversations, I miss those) and asked about my life. I must confess, that it felt amazing to say that I had graduated from OU last Saturday.

Relationships are so weird, and you never really know where you'll end up in their life. Will you be sitting next to them at church when your 80? Will you be calling to get child support when its late every month? Or will you slowly forget the life you had created with them?
I feel despondent at times, but honestly, I'd love again. And I'm just waiting...

(I want this dog)


Anonymous said...

you're a tinkleface

Tinapunk said...

tinkleface?? who is this?

Wendy K. said...

hello my friend... how is the post-grad life? I will be there all too soon myself. hope you are enjoying the freedom :-)
oh and who calls people a tinkleface? hah

Tinapunk said...

Hey!! The freedom is splendid except I don't know what to do with all my time. How are you doing? Where are you living these days?
Seriously, tinkleface?? lol.