May 2, 2010

Sunday's Topic: Religion

This was found on a rather clever blog. Jesus always by your side..


I think these are hilarious.  Jesus is such an odd concept to me. Growing up in Oklahoma has certainty had an impact on my opinion of religion, particularly Christianity.  Yeas ago, I questioned the validity of Jesus and God. I think that I believe in something, a supreme being. Its just not Jesus Christ. I refuse to believe that God who is so generous, and giving would condemn every Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew, and many others to hell just for believing in something with the same type of faith as Christians.  I honestly think its that simple. Oh, also the bible is pretty ridiculous. This is just my opinion about these issues, and I could certainly be wrong, and could go to hell if I don't change my ways. But, if the bible is word for word, or even if its interpretation; since I accepted Jesus years ago it still counts. I just have to ask him to forgive me for my sins before I die.

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