May 24, 2010

Don't be Greedy

Last Friday was our epic house party. I think that it surpassed my expectations completely. First off, we had TWO bands play. Both bands seemed pretty into the atmosphere and so that definitely makes it fun.  After wards, Mr. Tyler set up shop as the make-shift DJ. What a lovely gentleman.

Daniel Francis Doyle (Austin) Caw! Caw! (Chicago)


So, the party...

I was trashed. I'll fully admit to that... But I do need to bitch about one thing. Someone stole my full unopened bottle of Tequila that my mother gave me. Yeah, greedy motherfuckers.


 I know, I know, things get stolen, I shouldn't bitch. I guess I just trust people too much. Yeah, its a house party and shit gets stolen and broken, but this is our 5th or 6th house party and nothing has ever been stolen.  Plus, I'm just amazed at people's greediness. Its not enough that we provide 5 gallons of death punch, plus jello shots. Doesn't everyone know the house rules - Never take drinks from on top of the fridge, and if you do, at least open it and SHARE.  So, if you hear of someone drinking some delicious tequila. Holla at me.  Ha. I know I was yelling about kicking someone's ass.


I'm going to start rolling like that.  
This was also the first party where the cops came, and where someone yelled about having a gun in their pants. Ha. The cops came because of people loitering at their cars, Bailey and I spoke to them, and they ended up congratulating me on my graduation. How nice of the officers.

I'd also like to thank all my beautiful friends for drinking my drink and dancing their little hearts out with me. :)
I love all of you


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