August 31, 2010

Waiting for....

I feel like I've hit a brick wall. It's been 3 months since I've graduated and I still don't have a 'career' type job. I have a internship, but I can't pay my bills with praise. It's really frustrating because I feel like I'm a good candidate with a lot to offer. I'm still doing the substitute teaching thing, but that revolves around teachers calling in. Also, it requires a lot of teachers calling in, since theres a lot of substitute teachers and we're all waiting for the same thing. Since I don't have anything steady, I'm trying to find other things to occupy my time.       

                                           I want a hookah. 

Currently, I'm interning for the Jacksonville ABA Basketball team. We don't have a name yet, but our season doesn't start until December. I'm the media relation intern, I'll be responsible for media kits, press packages,  and other fun stuff. Hopefully, this internship will lead to something. I've also signed up for a study circle about race relations in Jacksonville. I won't be getting paid for this either. I'm the youngest member and I can tell the older people are stuck in their ways. It's pretty interesting though, sitting around talking about race and breaking down barriers. 

                             I would love to sit and talk about race relations with these two...

August 28, 2010

For $9 an hour...

   I sold my soul for 9 dollars an hour earlier this week while working as a poll greeter for a guy running for Florida Senate. The only problem, he was a republican. I told myself, that it didn't really matter. Most people had their minds made up already and I certainly wasn't going to push anything. The funny thing is, the senator needed volunteers so he went to a staffing agency to get people to work for him. I was surprised that this guy had enough money to hire about 30 people to stand at polls and hand out water.  I mostly just sat and read the whole time, and occasiciolly offered someone water. 
The rules stated to only hand out the water to the 'republican voters'. Wtf. Was water bipartisan now? Give me a break.  If this guy really wants to give me money, I'll take it. 

August 24, 2010

True Gangstas tweet...


If only I were Michael Jordan's offspring. This last weekend his sons, Jeffrey,21, and Marcus, 20, took a trip to Vegas before school started. Seems like a fun thing to do before starting another year the University of Central Florida. The difference between your Vegas trip and their Vegas trip? 50k in one day.

Is it Gangsta is spend gs like nothing else matters? Possibly, but is it Gangsta to tweet about it? Marcus tweeted,  "Last night was stupid… 35k at Haze… Totals 50k something the whole day.. Damn!!"  
I can't even fathom spending 50k in a year. Let alone in one day. I want to know what the hell the money was spent on. Does money truly buy happiness? I think it might help.


Heres a quick video to show what 50K gets you.... looks like someone got ripped off.

Huffington Post
Orlando Sentinel

August 20, 2010

But I love you


Its really easy to get wrapped up in other people's drama. It's even easier when the 'people' are family. I tend to worry a lot about my siblings.I worry about my brother a little, but mostly its my sister.  My sister is currently starting her 11th grade at Tahlequah High School. My junior year in high school was amazing. I was dating my high school sweetheart and I thought I would marry him. Seriously, I thought about babies and houses with him.  At the time, I thought he was all I needed and was very content to stay with him forever.
Thank fucking god we broke up. 

No, it wouldn't have been that bad... I would at least be drinking box wine.  I just think that it's really easy to loose yourself in young love and its hard to pull yourself out of a hole. If you start to feel content in a relationship, then you won't want anything better. I'm not just talking in terms of the guy, even though if the guy is a douche, you should walk away. I mean everything, if things start to feel flat, work on them. Either the living situation or education, or health. Of course that is easier said than done.  I stayed with him for two years and thankfully our breakup didn't devastate me. He moved to Georgia and that was that. It seems like relationships are still just as powerful and dangerous for teenage girls. Nothing has changed. 

Except fashion and technology. And, have I mentioned that I'm dating a sailor.

August 15, 2010

Thanks, Rain...

         I'm all dressed up with no where to go. I haven't been to the beach in like 5 days. Which sounds ridiculous, but I was going every other day. Anyways, I had planned on going today but it just started pouring outside. Oh well, I guess I'll lounge around in my bathing suit.  

                                     doesn't that girl on the right have large feet?

        Last Friday, I got my credit card statement in and I noticed that I had 3 charges on it from a super 8 hotel that I stayed at on my way from Oklahoma to Florida.  I only authorized one $60 charge. I called chase to dispute the claims and they seemed like they would work with me. I did a little bit of research and found out that I stayed at Satan's Hotel.
       Apparently this hotel has been scamming people for quite some time.  A lot of people reviewed the hotel to say that it had over charged them as well. Some of the people also claim to have never gotten their money back. It astounds me that this type of establishment is still stealing from people. What has to happen before someone comes in and shuts the operation down?  My dad who works for citi bank said that the hotel has probably been doing this a long time and the credit card machine was probably acquired through a smaller bank. I'm currently fighting the charges on my credit card and hopefully,  I won't have to pay them. I just wish something could be done about this shitty hotel.

August 13, 2010

Dressing up for Universal

Outfit Post





Dress: Urban Outfitters- 9.99
Shoes: Charlotte Rouse- 10.29

As soon as I walked 10 feet in those shoes, the heel started to break. I should know by now that cheap is not always a good thing. It's nice to get things super cheap, but it can definitely screw you over in the end.  It seems that I'm going to be a substitute teacher while I search for my 'career' job. I'm definitely excited. It's not just looking after kids that makes me excited, its also the outfits. I have to try and dress professionally, while looking stylish. I plan on putting up an outfit post a week. Hopefully, I can stay true to that commitment.

August 8, 2010

I do what I want.


Remember Mistfit boy? Well, Misfit boy decided that he didn't want to be in a relationship. It really sucked because I dated him for about a month, before he started being shady and distant. He would blow me off and when I would confront him about it, he would explain that since we're not in a relationship, its not a big deal. Thats awesome logic. Heres the thing, every connection you have with a person is a relationship. Theres varying degrees of relationships of course.  But nonetheless, a relationship. So to say that you're not ready for a relationship (which he had said earlier) , is to say that you're not ready for a human connection. None, not even at the lowest level.
So, I broke it off.  I didn't want to waste my time. My time is far more valuable.  Even though, I don't have a job and spend my time as I please.

August 4, 2010

Oh, Harry and emergency at the park.

Earlier this week, I came oh,so close to seeing something magical. I went down to Orlando to visit my aunt and cousins. It was really nice, they have a time share so they were spending a week down here. I decided to go with them on Monday to Universal Studios. The main reason was simple: Harry Potter. I'm currently re-reading the series.    

I love harry and always thought the books  were better than the movies. When I first heard of this concept for a park, I wanted to go, and finally I had the chance to see it. Yes, I know very nerdy of me, but I can't help it.  I paid for the $85 ticket.
As soon as we got inside, we went towards 'The Hulk' ride. A 90 minute wait time didn't stop Me, Kat, K, and S from waiting, while everyone else went and rode something else. While waiting in the line, K said "I feel like I'm going to faint". She soon started to lean on S and just fell. Kat and I were freaking out trying to pick her up, S helped and we carried her outside. Her eyes were dilated and she was staring out. She was probably out for about 30 secs.

It was beyond scary. S and Sel are nurses and they are pretty much on top of things. They decided that we needed to fuel up. K hadn't had breakfast, or had much water. Apparently those things are very important. After a 2 hour break we headed towards a water ride. We were waiting in line when K said, "I feel like its happening again." She started to sit down, and in an instant was lying on the ground. Sel knew what to do, and luckily another nurse was in line directly behind K and was holding her head. That lady, never let go of K's head the whole time, it was so nice of her. K was probably down for about 10 minutes. It was the scariest thing, I've ever seen. I knew that staying down for that long was not normal. K was just lying there and her eyes were almost closed. Her heartbeat was really faint.

Finally, the workers of the ride showed up. Followed by the park's EMT's and finally, the city ambulance. It's weird watching something like that happen in front of you. As K and Sel headed to the ER,  the rest of us headed to customer service for directions to the hospital and to get our $ back. (I'm a poor graduate) We got to the hospital and found out that she was just extremely dehydrated. So, kids, this is a lesson for you: Hydrate yo self!! I was really glad that she was okay, but I have to admit, I was soooo disappointed that I didn't get  to see Harry Potter.