August 15, 2010

Thanks, Rain...

         I'm all dressed up with no where to go. I haven't been to the beach in like 5 days. Which sounds ridiculous, but I was going every other day. Anyways, I had planned on going today but it just started pouring outside. Oh well, I guess I'll lounge around in my bathing suit.  

                                     doesn't that girl on the right have large feet?

        Last Friday, I got my credit card statement in and I noticed that I had 3 charges on it from a super 8 hotel that I stayed at on my way from Oklahoma to Florida.  I only authorized one $60 charge. I called chase to dispute the claims and they seemed like they would work with me. I did a little bit of research and found out that I stayed at Satan's Hotel.
       Apparently this hotel has been scamming people for quite some time.  A lot of people reviewed the hotel to say that it had over charged them as well. Some of the people also claim to have never gotten their money back. It astounds me that this type of establishment is still stealing from people. What has to happen before someone comes in and shuts the operation down?  My dad who works for citi bank said that the hotel has probably been doing this a long time and the credit card machine was probably acquired through a smaller bank. I'm currently fighting the charges on my credit card and hopefully,  I won't have to pay them. I just wish something could be done about this shitty hotel.

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brittany said...

Holy shit..satans hotel?