August 20, 2010

But I love you


Its really easy to get wrapped up in other people's drama. It's even easier when the 'people' are family. I tend to worry a lot about my siblings.I worry about my brother a little, but mostly its my sister.  My sister is currently starting her 11th grade at Tahlequah High School. My junior year in high school was amazing. I was dating my high school sweetheart and I thought I would marry him. Seriously, I thought about babies and houses with him.  At the time, I thought he was all I needed and was very content to stay with him forever.
Thank fucking god we broke up. 

No, it wouldn't have been that bad... I would at least be drinking box wine.  I just think that it's really easy to loose yourself in young love and its hard to pull yourself out of a hole. If you start to feel content in a relationship, then you won't want anything better. I'm not just talking in terms of the guy, even though if the guy is a douche, you should walk away. I mean everything, if things start to feel flat, work on them. Either the living situation or education, or health. Of course that is easier said than done.  I stayed with him for two years and thankfully our breakup didn't devastate me. He moved to Georgia and that was that. It seems like relationships are still just as powerful and dangerous for teenage girls. Nothing has changed. 

Except fashion and technology. And, have I mentioned that I'm dating a sailor.


Anonymous said...

Are implying that people are settling by being content in a relationship? Or that they want nothing more for themselves by being in a relationship? Maybe I'm reading something that isn't there but it sounds like there are some unsaid feelings or thoughts there.

Tinapunk said...

Being in a relationship you're content in, isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless of course you don't feel good about it. Mostly, my feelings stem from wanting more for my younger sister. I don't want her to end up married to some guy she was dating in high school. Yeah, sometimes, those relationships work out. But, mostly, they don't.

Anonymous said...

That kind of sounds as though you're assuming she would automatically be making a mistake even if she was happy? Like a buyers remorse or settling type of thing even if she knew it or not. Maybe I misunderstood the last part.

Tinapunk said...

It's one thing to be happy as a 16 year old and its quite another thing to stay in a relationship because it feels safe for years and years. Who is this, btw?