August 28, 2010

For $9 an hour...

   I sold my soul for 9 dollars an hour earlier this week while working as a poll greeter for a guy running for Florida Senate. The only problem, he was a republican. I told myself, that it didn't really matter. Most people had their minds made up already and I certainly wasn't going to push anything. The funny thing is, the senator needed volunteers so he went to a staffing agency to get people to work for him. I was surprised that this guy had enough money to hire about 30 people to stand at polls and hand out water.  I mostly just sat and read the whole time, and occasiciolly offered someone water. 
The rules stated to only hand out the water to the 'republican voters'. Wtf. Was water bipartisan now? Give me a break.  If this guy really wants to give me money, I'll take it. 

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