August 4, 2010

Oh, Harry and emergency at the park.

Earlier this week, I came oh,so close to seeing something magical. I went down to Orlando to visit my aunt and cousins. It was really nice, they have a time share so they were spending a week down here. I decided to go with them on Monday to Universal Studios. The main reason was simple: Harry Potter. I'm currently re-reading the series.    

I love harry and always thought the books  were better than the movies. When I first heard of this concept for a park, I wanted to go, and finally I had the chance to see it. Yes, I know very nerdy of me, but I can't help it.  I paid for the $85 ticket.
As soon as we got inside, we went towards 'The Hulk' ride. A 90 minute wait time didn't stop Me, Kat, K, and S from waiting, while everyone else went and rode something else. While waiting in the line, K said "I feel like I'm going to faint". She soon started to lean on S and just fell. Kat and I were freaking out trying to pick her up, S helped and we carried her outside. Her eyes were dilated and she was staring out. She was probably out for about 30 secs.

It was beyond scary. S and Sel are nurses and they are pretty much on top of things. They decided that we needed to fuel up. K hadn't had breakfast, or had much water. Apparently those things are very important. After a 2 hour break we headed towards a water ride. We were waiting in line when K said, "I feel like its happening again." She started to sit down, and in an instant was lying on the ground. Sel knew what to do, and luckily another nurse was in line directly behind K and was holding her head. That lady, never let go of K's head the whole time, it was so nice of her. K was probably down for about 10 minutes. It was the scariest thing, I've ever seen. I knew that staying down for that long was not normal. K was just lying there and her eyes were almost closed. Her heartbeat was really faint.

Finally, the workers of the ride showed up. Followed by the park's EMT's and finally, the city ambulance. It's weird watching something like that happen in front of you. As K and Sel headed to the ER,  the rest of us headed to customer service for directions to the hospital and to get our $ back. (I'm a poor graduate) We got to the hospital and found out that she was just extremely dehydrated. So, kids, this is a lesson for you: Hydrate yo self!! I was really glad that she was okay, but I have to admit, I was soooo disappointed that I didn't get  to see Harry Potter.

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