January 7, 2014


The Hustler, the new guy that I'm seeing has 2 kids. A 4 year old girl that he takes care of and has zero drama with her mother. The other baby boy is only 10 months, and with that mom......

We pick his son up and head to a family members. While there I play and care for the young boy. Nothing was asked of me, I just did. I love kids. We went to ci ci's pizza after. Seriously enjoyed ourselves. The Hustler had talked with her throughout the night, making sure it was cool to drop him off. She told him she was with some other nigga (her words) but that her sister was home so, we dropped him off without a second thought.

As I'm driving he tells me that he thinks someone is following me. I don't believe him and stop at a gas station. The car turns in with their lights out and then back out immediately, now I know something is up. We continue driving while said car is still following. H tells me to pull into a random apartment complex. As soon as I pull into a spot not pulling my car all the way into the spot, this bitch, cause now I know who I'm dealing with, hits my car. Just full on, going 15 mph not giving no fucks hits my car. I'm already calling 911 as I'm getting out of the car.

H has friends in the complex, so as she left the scene the first time, he ran to their place to get help. In that 3 min span of time, this bitch comes back around and parks by my car. I walk straight up to her asking bout her insurance and trying to get a copy of her tag. She stands in front of her tag and won't let me look at it. I kindly ask her to move the fuck outta the way, and then she pushes me and we scrap a bit. Mostly it was her pulling my hair and me saying, "Please stop. Why are you doing this?"  NOW, let me say this, as someone explained it to me: You ain't got no marks on ur face, no busted lip, no bruises, your head might be a little sore but that bitch was not from the streets, cause if she was you wouldn't be walking, in fact she'd be showing up at your place trying to finish it. So no, you didn't get your ass whooped no how.  Of course once she stops she drives off AGAIN. H comes running up at this point with me screaming, I JUST FOUGHT THAT BITCH!!!! SHE ATTACKED ME!!!!

At some point in the fight, I lost my phone. I'm looking all over for it and find it several feet from where we were, silver lining it was undamaged. As I'm redialing 911, this bitch going to come back round the block like now she's ready to park for real. I'm ready this time tho, cause I'm yelling all sorts of shit. All facts tho, like you a ratchet piece of shit, seriously, look at your life right now, bitch. Something along those lines. An older Asian lady had come downstairs during the whole thing and was holding me back while H held her back. Anddddd then the cops show. I run straight into the cops arms looking for protection and she played her role perfectly as well. Yelling bout I DIDNT DO ANYTHING. blah blah blah.

In the end, I'm filing an a couple charges and NOT TRUSTING NO BITCH. 

Women need to learn how to move on, there is a reason he isn't with you. And fighting and yelling, is that really going to bring him back? I don't have kids so I can't speak on that connection, but H and myself included have done nothing but love that little boy. I think that's what gets me the most. That and this hoe talking bout, "WILL U STILL TAKE CARE OF UR BBY" after it happened.

Lord help me. I once again, can not make this shit up.