October 29, 2009

This guy rocks. Juan Francisco Casas. Those paintings are done with a blue Bic pen. Holy cow. Plus, all the paintings are images that he took with his camera.

October 20, 2009

MMFlint: Bush got 3,000 threats a year. Obama has received 12,000 in his first 9 months! From author Ron Kessler on Wolf Blitzer yesterday.

October 19, 2009

Open letter to my sister Pt. 3

whatever happens in life is fine- you just have to trust that.
-orlando bloom

Dear Sister,
So you left the land of dreams and opportunities,
To be in a place of broken promises and drug habits.
Your chances go down for graduating high school.
Your chances go up for teen pregnancy.
But FUCK the statistics.
You can do this.
You can grow up to be a wonderful and accomplished person
But now...
Now, you have to fight for yourself.
You have no one left to fight for you,
So its all you...
I can try and help, but being far away leaves me at a disadvantage.
And just know that nothing lasts forever.
Except love,
and then only certain kinds of love
Okay, only my love lasts forever.
This is it, kid.
This is your shot, show us what you have
Prove to us, that you can't and won't be swayed by peer pressure.

Love Always,
Your big sister

October 12, 2009

Before I die, I want to....

Before I die, I want to....

- go around the world
-live in another country
-get my passport
-have children
-be so in love that my heart hurts
-graduate college
-learn how to trust myself
-ride more horses

October 7, 2009

Women want to be dazzled.

It doesn't matter which century your in, there are still certain things that should be done and somethings that should be avoided when your courting someone.

Take last thursday for instance:

I went to see a boy in Tulsa. This boy gets really mad, when I refer to him as a boy. The reason I still call him, a boy is because, he really doesn't have his shit together..... at all.
He's a 25 year old graduate. I know, a college graduate! But, hes pretty much stuck. Which, I'm sure happens to most people.

So before I get there, he tells me that were going to an Art Show that night. So I pack all my cute shit. I get there and we go grocery shopping....then while grocery shopping we both complain about being hungry. While leaving the grocery store, without any prior questions about dinner he pulls into Sonic. UGH. I HATE SONIC. I politily tell him, that I dislike sonic. But we stay....and eat 1 dollar hamburgers.
I tell myself to forgive him, because hes poor (even though hes a manager) and that tonight were going out. Well, 930 rolls around, then 1130 and were still sitting at home. The phone call from his friend just never came.

Look, guys.... I understand your broke, and this and that.....but at least, try just a little. I will forgive lots, and look over things, but driving 4 hours, 8 dollars in toll, 25 in gas for that night....

I'll pass.

And I want this apron.