January 27, 2009


This is an artist from NYC, he goes by the name Posterboy, his real name is a mystery due to the legal problems he would face if found out.
He goes around subways, using only a razor blade, and makes art.He cuts certain portions off one poster and adds it to another. I especially like how he puts honesty back into the faces of the lives of daily Americans.

This is one is probably my favorite of his.

Talk about putting the war in your face. And this could definitely be related to Woman's Studies.

January 21, 2009

Introduction to myself and Jazz

Hey, I'm Christina, but I'm sure you picked up on the fact that I call myself Triple X. Its a lil nickname from highschool, and it does not mean what you think, well for the most part it doesn't.

I chose to take Intro into Women's studies because, honestly, I want to take other higher-level WS classes and I need this one to take those.
The 5 questions that I hope will be answered during this semester are:
1-Is feminism dead?
2-What can be done to counter-act the media's portrayal of woman
3-What is the current state of woman's rights in developmental countries
4-Will the pay gab ever close between woman and men?
5-Why do woman have to be at a certain weight to be seen as attractive?