March 23, 2012


We were waiting on the platform for the Train. The 3 of us. Somehow it's always been the 3 of us. The train lights were visible for over a mile away. Tired of waiting in the cold we shuttled back and forth between indoors and out.
Finally the train arrived. I stood back while the crowd of people pushed towards the conductor to check the tickets. Which I didn't have.
They were sold out online, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. There was an empty spot in the line and with the encouragement of my friend, I slipped right in.
But, I wasn't in the clear yet. I overheard the conversation between a rider and conductor, "You didn't buy a ticket, well it's going to be expensive."
I went inside, searching for a seat. Of course all the window seats were taken. 
Impulsively, I grabbed one of the ticket stubs hanging outside someone's seat. I found a seat near the front next to an old man with a beard and cowboy boots.  He eyed me suspiciously.
I decided to seek a better seat, remembering the section downstairs for handicapped people was empty. I walked downstairs and took a seat in the very back. I put my ticket stub up and slunk down and passed out, praying no-one would check back here.
I made it to the destination on the ticket, when a different conductor, asked if I was getting of there. I said no, casually, and that I was going to Ft. Worth.  I can pay the difference, I told the conductor all sleepy voiced.
He looked down at me, and said don't worry about it. 
I smiled and said thank you, sir. 

And, that's how I didn't pay a dime on my return trip from Norman. 

March 9, 2012


When I fist saw the Kony video, I felt like this

Then I saw some people say some shit like this

And I was like 

But, then I came to the conclusion that the organization isn't really helping. That Kony could even be dead. The Ugandan army has it's own serious problems. Awareness of the world's problems is important for the growth of our society. And that dumb bitch above wasn't contributing. Although I am not buying a bracelet I am contributing to the awareness. That and calling the white house on reg to tell them how I feel is enough for me. 202-456-1111  And voting.

Either way, this is now how I feel about seeing Kony Shit.

LOLOL. Brother!!!!

P.S. I'm coming to Norman next Friday, kittens!!!