March 23, 2012


We were waiting on the platform for the Train. The 3 of us. Somehow it's always been the 3 of us. The train lights were visible for over a mile away. Tired of waiting in the cold we shuttled back and forth between indoors and out.
Finally the train arrived. I stood back while the crowd of people pushed towards the conductor to check the tickets. Which I didn't have.
They were sold out online, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. There was an empty spot in the line and with the encouragement of my friend, I slipped right in.
But, I wasn't in the clear yet. I overheard the conversation between a rider and conductor, "You didn't buy a ticket, well it's going to be expensive."
I went inside, searching for a seat. Of course all the window seats were taken. 
Impulsively, I grabbed one of the ticket stubs hanging outside someone's seat. I found a seat near the front next to an old man with a beard and cowboy boots.  He eyed me suspiciously.
I decided to seek a better seat, remembering the section downstairs for handicapped people was empty. I walked downstairs and took a seat in the very back. I put my ticket stub up and slunk down and passed out, praying no-one would check back here.
I made it to the destination on the ticket, when a different conductor, asked if I was getting of there. I said no, casually, and that I was going to Ft. Worth.  I can pay the difference, I told the conductor all sleepy voiced.
He looked down at me, and said don't worry about it. 
I smiled and said thank you, sir. 

And, that's how I didn't pay a dime on my return trip from Norman. 

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