April 1, 2012

Hot Sunday


Oh hey, it's that hot people thing. It's been a hot minute, I know. But as always, things have been busy and I've been all over the place. I started a new job and already got cut from said job. It was a bullshit job at QuikTrip where tasks were timed. I went over my 30 min. time limit for up keeps (Like taking out the trash, cleaning the bathrooms, ect.) one time too many and didn't refill the women's TP. Ughh, yeah, that job was not for me. Plus, the uniform was horrid.  
So, it's just about official. I'll be moving to T-town in the beginning of May. I've only been ready for the past couple of months. 

Hope today finds everyone well.

Enjoy the Hot People!

Joe Manganiello

I love her body

That hair, those eyes


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