March 29, 2011

Little Ol' Ladies

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty on

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be like these ladies when I get older.
via nowness and advanced style.

March 27, 2011

Hot Sunday

Hot Sunday is ridiculously hot today. I felt the need to spice things up since my life is definitely lacking in that area. Tattoo guy was just a little blip on the radar. Nothing important enough to note, except, he was crazy. I just have to acknowledge 2 things:

1- I attract the crazies.
2-Men over 25 have a hard time understanding the concept of texting. Here's an excerpt from Tat guy and Me's convo. Context: I was going to hang out with him and then afterwards go to the beach clubs,which I invited him to. Then he went on to say that he should have expected this from Jacksonville.

Me: I'm not even from here. And I've tried to kick it, but u don't like the fact that I made additional plans, I'm sorry I'm too spontaneous.
Him: Lolololol Whatever u wanna call it. I call it a liar. Plans? No. Wanna Hang? Sure, but I have plans after. U said u didn't have plans? See how much fun that is?
Him: Over it No need to reply
Me: I just made the plans like an hr ago. I am not a liar. I just try to fit too many things into one night. But check it, me and my friends are chillen at her warehouse, super close to u.
Him: Reaaaaaaaaal classy.
Him:What don't u understand, cops are out in force. im smoking ----- like its not funny. IM NOT GOIN OUT THATS WHY I INVITED U HERE! Understand now? Jesus fucking christ
Me: Aight player, have a good night.

and then it goes on and on, actually, its just him going on.. and which he tells me to delete his #, then texts me ten minutes later about how much I suck.

Oh, and did I mention he was 31. Yes, kittens, treinta-uno anos.  31!

March 25, 2011

Donald Trump 2012

"I make porn stars blush." he told me, casually. The tattoo artist, yeah. I went on a date with him last night, and it was nice. Note, the word: date. Hell yeah. It wasn't watching a movie on his couch, or meeting up at 2 a.m. Sometimes, I call things waay to early. I don't really think i'm calling anything right now. It's just up in the air, like things usually are. 

Next week is Spring break here in Jacksonville. I'm going to have to find something to occupy my mind and body for a week while school is out. I'm going to try and not sleep in. I need to motivate myself to accomplish my goals. I will probably end up at the beach every day though. I finally feel better. Last night I slept the whole night through without waking up coughing in like 2 weeks. It was a miracle, from God.

The middle east is insane right now. And now we're involved in other country's daily affairs. I'm not sure how I feel about Libya. It seems tricky and expensive. Plus, I really don't approve of how it was put into action. Obama didn't submit it to congress or anything, it just happened. Lewis Black has suggested Donald Trump for president 2012. Why, you ask? Well, as Black explained America is ready for a crazy 3rd world dictator. Then maybe we'd really take to the streets.

Lol. But seriously.

I've created a new page that will list all the books that I've been reading lately.
Also, if you hate reading, then maybe you should be checking me out here:

and now, hot MEN.

Yes, please.

                             I love these two.

 This Guy. Right. Here. Hot Damn.

March 23, 2011

Lady Effing GAGA

This video is over an hour long. But, it is worth it. Lady Gaga is so empowering. She's just gorgeous and so genuine.

"If you don't have any shadows, you're not standing in the light." -Lady Gaga

March 20, 2011

Hot Sunday

 I didn't forget about ya'll. I just choose to wait until the last possible moment. Luckily, most of my readers reside in the central time zone so, I get an extra hour. So, I've still been sick, but at least looking at hot women makes me feel a little better.  :)

March 18, 2011

It's in my Lungs

I've been cocky about not being sick this fall and winter. Because of that, karma decided to give it to me long and hard without any notice. Friday night before my noon flight to Dallas, I went out with my friends, no biggie.  I had a few too many cocktails. The morning after, I was throwing up wildly. Still, I packed and managed the ride to the airport. I should have taken it as a sign when I was searching for a place to throw up in the airport, that I might want to sit out this flight. But, no, I'm a trooper. I got on the flight to hell. During the flight, I preceded to throw up every 10 min. It was awful, I felt like I was going to faint. The flight attendants said that EMT would be waiting for me. Great, I thought, sarcastically. I made it out of the plane only to discover I couldn't really walk. After some persuasion (Ambulance rides are so effing expensive) it was decided that I would be taken to the nearest hospital. Embarrassingly I left the airport on a stretcher with my sunglasses on. I pretended to be dying so it looked worse. Several hours later and tons of fluid later, I felt somewhat better.

Interestingly, the cough that had been dormant decided to transform into a full blown cold with a 101.2 temp. I powered through though, desperate not to miss Mother Gaga. It was completely worth it. She's an amazing performer who doesn't hold back. There was about 5 set changes and she performed all her songs. Including Born this Way. I decided not to hold back either, and dressed to impress. The rest of the concert goers approved of my look because every 5 min, someone asked to take their picture with me. It was lovely and something I could get used to. 

My cousin and I. She's the one who did my hair.

So, now I'm back in Florida, trying to get rid of this cold from hell. It's in my lungs now, and my asthma makes it worse. Hopefully, by the end of this weekend, I'll be better though. And, of course, Hot People will be on Sunday.

March 16, 2011

I've neglected you, blog. My health and Gaga has been more important. More later.

March 10, 2011

Moar Seashells

Bits and Pieces

I stared at this picture for a good ten minutes. It's kinda enchanting. Of course, her boobs would need to be bigger, but apparently there's not enough sea shells, either. Her thigh is too flabby and her fingers should be straight. I wish we weren't given such unrealistic body images. No-one looks like that, except the chosen few who's job is to look flawless. And, even they get photo shopped. I've become frustrated with myself for trying to reach that ideal.

 I'm pretty broke right now. Saving money is simple, stop spending. Which translates to me, having a hard time saving. I want to be able to do stuff, get a coffee, have a couple drinks, but all that adds up so quickly.  I'm relying on myself 100% percent. I've been having a hard time with the concept of money lately. It's just crazy to see millionaires get tax cuts, while the middle-class struggles to budget 3.60/g gas.We're all supposed to have the new car, apartment, furniture,kid,dog,cat,blah blah blah. All of that is very expensive, even if you went with the cheap crap. So, we work. We get jobs and second jobs and break our backs, for what? So, the upper-class can pay less into the economy? So, we can get planned-parenthood, NPR and anything else that's slightly liberal de-funded? All while, big financial crooks are swindling the economy out of millions. Some are given money directly from the government, others lie and get money from back-roomed deals. Either way, the rich get richer. Annnd, that's why I want to maybe live in Spain forever, if I can swindle it.

I am now, stepping off of the soap-box.  

Here's some other GIF's just for giggles and shits because I <3 my readers.

March 6, 2011

Hot Sunday

Sweet Baby Jesus, Jake Gyllenhaal.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was asi-asi. It's getting warmer and that definitely makes me happy. I could never live in Seattle or somewhere up north. The weather would affect my emotions too much. I guess I have seasonal depression or whatever they're marketing it as these days.

I found this craigslist ad, one of the best of's. And its absolutely spectacular, its a little long. Basically the lady lays down the groundwork for men and educates them on fucking. In it's pure and simpliest forms. Everyone should read it,  especially, MEN. I'm actually pleading with you, to read it. 

Also, Dallas friends, look for me next weekend! Gaga plays on Monday, but I'll be in town Friday night!!!

March 3, 2011


Cardigan- JC Penny?? I've had it forever and I've sown it back after it unraveled in the dryer. 
Dress- Thrift Store. It's a brand by target.
Shoes- Who knows. Bought them at least 6 years ago. 
Earrings- Stole them from my sister.
Watch- Fossil.

I know I've sucked at doing outfit posts. It just takes energy to dress up and take pictures and do all that jazz. These pictures were taken earlier this week.  My week started out great, energized and packed full. Then I got sick and I've been sleeping and sleeping. But hopefully this will be the last cold of the year. Annnnd Dallas next weekend. I've got to start planning my Gaga outfit.