March 10, 2011

Moar Seashells

Bits and Pieces

I stared at this picture for a good ten minutes. It's kinda enchanting. Of course, her boobs would need to be bigger, but apparently there's not enough sea shells, either. Her thigh is too flabby and her fingers should be straight. I wish we weren't given such unrealistic body images. No-one looks like that, except the chosen few who's job is to look flawless. And, even they get photo shopped. I've become frustrated with myself for trying to reach that ideal.

 I'm pretty broke right now. Saving money is simple, stop spending. Which translates to me, having a hard time saving. I want to be able to do stuff, get a coffee, have a couple drinks, but all that adds up so quickly.  I'm relying on myself 100% percent. I've been having a hard time with the concept of money lately. It's just crazy to see millionaires get tax cuts, while the middle-class struggles to budget 3.60/g gas.We're all supposed to have the new car, apartment, furniture,kid,dog,cat,blah blah blah. All of that is very expensive, even if you went with the cheap crap. So, we work. We get jobs and second jobs and break our backs, for what? So, the upper-class can pay less into the economy? So, we can get planned-parenthood, NPR and anything else that's slightly liberal de-funded? All while, big financial crooks are swindling the economy out of millions. Some are given money directly from the government, others lie and get money from back-roomed deals. Either way, the rich get richer. Annnd, that's why I want to maybe live in Spain forever, if I can swindle it.

I am now, stepping off of the soap-box.  

Here's some other GIF's just for giggles and shits because I <3 my readers.


Amelia Aguilar said...

Pretty much all the "hot" pictures you post are crazy photoshopped too. No one's body is ever that flawless.

Tinapunk said...

Yeah, I know.. its just weird to see a before and after picture. You see the context better.