March 27, 2011

Hot Sunday

Hot Sunday is ridiculously hot today. I felt the need to spice things up since my life is definitely lacking in that area. Tattoo guy was just a little blip on the radar. Nothing important enough to note, except, he was crazy. I just have to acknowledge 2 things:

1- I attract the crazies.
2-Men over 25 have a hard time understanding the concept of texting. Here's an excerpt from Tat guy and Me's convo. Context: I was going to hang out with him and then afterwards go to the beach clubs,which I invited him to. Then he went on to say that he should have expected this from Jacksonville.

Me: I'm not even from here. And I've tried to kick it, but u don't like the fact that I made additional plans, I'm sorry I'm too spontaneous.
Him: Lolololol Whatever u wanna call it. I call it a liar. Plans? No. Wanna Hang? Sure, but I have plans after. U said u didn't have plans? See how much fun that is?
Him: Over it No need to reply
Me: I just made the plans like an hr ago. I am not a liar. I just try to fit too many things into one night. But check it, me and my friends are chillen at her warehouse, super close to u.
Him: Reaaaaaaaaal classy.
Him:What don't u understand, cops are out in force. im smoking ----- like its not funny. IM NOT GOIN OUT THATS WHY I INVITED U HERE! Understand now? Jesus fucking christ
Me: Aight player, have a good night.

and then it goes on and on, actually, its just him going on.. and which he tells me to delete his #, then texts me ten minutes later about how much I suck.

Oh, and did I mention he was 31. Yes, kittens, treinta-uno anos.  31!


Anonymous said...

Well I'll be honest, the second I read his comment in the last post I knew he was a super tool. No one with real confidence has to reach out for for such a (probably) flagrantly unproven statement unless his trying to soliciting you for sex. Which is why he got pissed when he found out you wouldn't be staying with him for very long. Clearly being a slack-jawed, egotistical, embarrassingly simply minded unibrow is in this season. Sadly, I'm sure somebody at one point has slept with this man and I'm embarrassed for that person.

Also, point #1 is true. You've got me hooked. Which may be why I was uncharacteristically harsh on my assessment of this caricature of a man.

You deserve a lot better.

Anonymous said...

Excuse my typos. I am often drunk while blogging

Tinapunk said...

Dearest anon,

You're sweet. I didn't think about it that way, but I guess that's probably why he was upset about me not staying. Thank god, we didn't even make it to first base.

And, I think certain types of crazy is okay. I'm glad I've hooked you?? Lol.