March 25, 2011

Donald Trump 2012

"I make porn stars blush." he told me, casually. The tattoo artist, yeah. I went on a date with him last night, and it was nice. Note, the word: date. Hell yeah. It wasn't watching a movie on his couch, or meeting up at 2 a.m. Sometimes, I call things waay to early. I don't really think i'm calling anything right now. It's just up in the air, like things usually are. 

Next week is Spring break here in Jacksonville. I'm going to have to find something to occupy my mind and body for a week while school is out. I'm going to try and not sleep in. I need to motivate myself to accomplish my goals. I will probably end up at the beach every day though. I finally feel better. Last night I slept the whole night through without waking up coughing in like 2 weeks. It was a miracle, from God.

The middle east is insane right now. And now we're involved in other country's daily affairs. I'm not sure how I feel about Libya. It seems tricky and expensive. Plus, I really don't approve of how it was put into action. Obama didn't submit it to congress or anything, it just happened. Lewis Black has suggested Donald Trump for president 2012. Why, you ask? Well, as Black explained America is ready for a crazy 3rd world dictator. Then maybe we'd really take to the streets.

Lol. But seriously.

I've created a new page that will list all the books that I've been reading lately.
Also, if you hate reading, then maybe you should be checking me out here:

and now, hot MEN.

Yes, please.

                             I love these two.

 This Guy. Right. Here. Hot Damn.


Anonymous said...

"I make porn stars blush"...did he really say that?

I'll have to add this to my list of cliche things men say.

Tinapunk said...

Yeah, he really did say that. It was an interesting comment, and I did kinda laugh at him.
But confidence is good, and thankfully he wasn't too cocky.