July 29, 2010

"Make it Work"

Moving down here has been a huge life change for me. My whole support system has changed. I've had to re-evaluate simple things. For instance, I recently got a 'new to me' phone from Albert. I gave my sister my old one because she needed a phone for the bus ride, since she forgot her charger. She went through the phone and copied the numbers down for me. She said the name and I replied with either 'keep' or 'no.' I was really proud of myself, I let go of a lot of numbers(people) that didn't mean anything to me. Its important to only hold onto stuff worth holding onto too. Know the worth of people and know your worth also. Honestly, everything is changing and it's good though, to be thrust into a new environment and told "make it work." 
I'm so excited about the Project Runway premiere tonight. I feel like I'm getting old because I have my 'shows.' Currently, its Mad Men which is the fucking best and if you're not watching it you're missing out.
PR is the second show that I schedule time for. I love fashion and I love drama, yay!! So in case you forgot, PR is on lifetime again this season and hopefully the season won't all be about Heidi.  Here's some of my favorite designers:






proenza schouler

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