July 22, 2010

Hiring Restriction

I won't be working for the city of Jacksonville, anytime soon. It seems that they're under a hiring restriction with an unknown date as to when it will be lifted. Oh well, I probably didn't want to work for the city anyways.  I've been applying for a least 2 different jobs per day. Still, no bites on my resume.  My daily activities have been sporadic based on whatever my mood fits. Also, I've been waking up around noon everyday. I need to change my life patterns.

Things to do while I'm unemployed:

I need more things to do, maybe I should take up knitting. Oh, and in case your curious, the last blog entry didn't do anything except provoke a passive-aggressive status on fb. That was the only public defense to their actions. This is my passive-aggressive response.
 I whole heartily endorse blunt cards, for those "bitch, please" moments...

I called my grandma today. For some reason, she's the only person that I can talk to hours with. While, I was on the phone with her, I cried a little. I haven't really cried much at all, since I've been here. I miss her and my family a lot. I wish my sister would've stayed with me. Right after she got on the bus, she tweeted that she had made the wrong decision. That really broke my heart. I hope she eventually comes back to start a fresh life here. 

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