July 4, 2010

God hates us..

Instead of grilling hamburgers to celebrate our Independence, Normans are stuck inside watching movies about 4th of July..        

   You can't really go wrong with Independence Day. Its got Will and that guy with the raspy voice... I always forget his name.   Maybe this is God's way of telling us that we are wrong for spending millions of dollars on fireworks that last 10 minutes. I think I enjoyed 4th of July celebrations a lot more when I was younger. I remember running around with sparklers and eating watermelons. Now, I drink and get invited to the occasional cookout. I wish I had enjoyed being 10 more, instead I was in such a huge hurry to be a fucking grown-up.

Maybe the sky will clear up and we can actually have an awesome firework show. Actually according to weather.com, the prime time would be between 8-10. Which is exactly when the show usually starts. I'm planning on biking over there at some point. Lets meet up and lay in the grass. I leave Monday around noon. It kinda freaks me out. Everything is packed besides some random crap. I really really hope that everything will fit in my little 5'9 trailer. Wish me luck!!!


Anna said...

I know what you mean...fireworks just aren't as exciting anymore.

Tinapunk said...

Its actually pretty sad, I wish we had more pictures together when we were young...