July 7, 2010


I'm only half way to Florida. Its been a long drive so far. Traveling with a cat and a 15 yr. old can make for some interesting moments. Mostly, its been good though. My cat isn't really that bad,she just sleeps a lot during the drive, really the only thing she can do. I tried to put leash on her and that did not work well. She tore off her collar and made a slow jog toward the fence dividing the rest area with the highway. She wanted to commit kitty suicide!!

So, my sister came up to Florida with me without a way to get home. Possibly, irresponsible on my part for taking her out here, but I honestly thought it would be good for her. Last night, she couldn't find her cell phone charger and all hell broke out. She soon decided that she didn't even want to be here. Part of the anger she feels stems from her ex in Tahlequah texting her every 5 minututes saying everything from "I miss you" to " you kissed some guy 3 years ago and thats gross and awkward"  Did I mention that this guy is 18??
That's really frustrating, but I also know how dependent we can all be towards significant others. During my last break up, I was a wreck and that lasted for a hot minute. So I'll give her time and just pray that the ocean will help cure her woes.

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