February 27, 2011

Hot Sunday-Tattoo Edition

Damn Gurl, what u doing later?

Happy Hot Sunday, ya'll. This edition is male free, only because I lack enough pictures of hot males. I do not however lack pictures of hot females with tattoos. I want another tattoo. I wish they weren't so damn expensive. So far, I've spent roughly 1,200. Just imagine how much some people who are completely covered have spent. I just need to become very good friends with some local tattoo artists.
  So the relationship front is completely dead. I'm so over guys right now. It seems no matter where I meet them, online or in person, they only seem to want one thing. I'm worth way more than that one thing. 

p.s. Yay, GLEE!!


SEESTER! said...

I almost passed out when I saw the last picture.

Tinapunk said...

I know righttttttt. Even though posting the picture, does take my blog to sorta slutsville. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

that last .gif looks kinda like you!

Tinapunk said...

Yeah, its kinda creepy, anon. Just like it's creepy that ur an anon. JK.