February 13, 2011

Hot Sunday Extra Raunchy Style

Consider this my Valentine's day gift to you. Raunchy Nudes. Ugh, Valentine's Day. I've only had one amazing Valentine's Day. I was a junior in high school and my boyfriend at the time, a senior. He showed up early to my house and brought roses, a card and a pickle. It was adorable. Nothing, has compared to that since. Jesus, that's sad...but, how sad is it when this is a manufactured holiday? Even though, I am sorta talking to someone, I don't expect anything. My day will be filled with work and working out.

I know, I still need to find a winner to the sunglasses give-a-away, but I've been terribly lazy and unfocused. Although, I have started to look for a farm in Spain. It's proving to be really hard to decide. I want to work on a farm with horses though, horses or an olive farm.


Anna L M said...

This is my most favorite hot sunday yet. Blue door girl is exquisite. Where did you find her?

Seester said...

Hottest hot Sunday for sure.

Tinapunk said...

Hey, anna. I'm not sure where I found the girl in front of the blue door. I'm glad so many people like her.