February 22, 2011

Born this Way

Gaga has some writing skills, there's no denying it. Also, what a powerful message to send to thousands of teenagers/adults going through something difficult. Everyone could use some reassurance every now and then. You were born this way, dammit!! That little girl is Maria, and she sings the hell out of that song with over 11 million views!

Apparently, Perez Hilton found the video and since hes like, BFF's with Lady Gaga, he sent it to her. She viewed the video and decided to surprise Maria with a call on a radio station.  Gaga seems super sincere and really encouraging.

Why I am crying?? 

So yeah, I am now a bonafide Gaga fan. I am so excited to see her live in Dallas this spring break. I'mma dress all sorts of crazy and just go crazy in general. Annnd, we already started a dance routine to her song in Dance Trance.

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