February 25, 2011

Turn Yo Swag On

Kid Cudi looks adorable. A while back, a male reader asked me where the male fashion was. I hadn't planned on featuring male fashion, but of course I have an opinion.

Male fashion is a growing area of interest. It's certainty not new, some males have been fashionably aware for-ever, and just continue to look fly. I have a few basic tips for males looking to step their game up by either impressing the ladies/fellas or looking to advance in the workplace. Looking nice, really does matter. It sucks that humans are that judgmental, but we are.

1. Fit Matters. I can't stress this enough. The crouch of your jeans should not hit your knees. The pants should fit tight, but not too tight. Some guys do look good in baggy jeans, but those guys are few and far between. If you have recently gained or lost weight, GO SHOPPING for new pants.

2. Shoes Matter. Women judge a guy based on his shoes. Don't let them lie to you, it might not be a deal breaker to some women, but to others its enough of a reason to not talk to you. You probably don't want to talk to those bitches, though. But, you still don't want to go out in your work-shoes, or something else equally scuffed up and  raggedy. Males need at least 3 decent pairs of shoes. Work/work-out shoes, dress shoes, and some fresh kicks.

3. Hygiene. Do I really need to elaborate? Actually, on second thought, yes I do. Listen boys, all hair on your body should be taken care of. That does not mean, remove it all. It means, get a hair cut, trim, pluck, whatever. It doesn't need to look like the queens garden downstairs, but don't let it be a crazy jungle.

 Gif is sorta unrelated, but hilarious.

4. Tops. This one is tricky. I'm inclined to say this is completely up to you. I have no advice, wear a plaid shirt, a band t-shirt, a crew neck, white v-neck... It's whatever. Let the shirt represent you. Just refrain from the bedazzled shirts. I will judge you extra hard for that.

For male shopping I recommend thrift-stores, ross,urban outfitters, ect. (All the hipster stores) You can find really good things, you just have to search and that takes patience. Here's some more pictures of adorable men who know how to dress. Some of the names, link back to articles covering their whole outfit.  

Andy Samberg

Some cute college student

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