February 8, 2011

No More Jungle Kitty

Top- Forever 21 BodyShirt
Skirt-Some store in Miami when I was 13 years old. I went down there with my dad and we went to the beach and he gave me $ to go shopping. I left and went to some store and bought all kinds of crap. This is one of the oldest worn items in my closet.
Shoes- Ross
Belt-Thrift Store

Sometimes, I really hate my body. I know I talk about it a lot. I'm just being honest, not looking for self-esteem boosters.  Weight is just one of those issues. I feel like I'm working on it hard core. I'm just not seeing any progress. It's really hard to know what to eat and everything seems like its bad for me. I don't want to eat almonds and grilled chicken for the rest of my life, either.

I'm about to be a whole month with out being on birth-control. I've noticed subtle differences in my body. It's weird. I'm going to have to get used to a normal hormone body.

Oh, and it turns out my cat did get scratched/bitten by something on her arm. There's like this bump on her elbow. It's probably an abscess. Well, I'm never letting her outside again. Ever Again. Forever.

p.s. I don't really watch the Office, but I hear good things.


Krystal said...

1) I know you weren't fishing, but FYI you are one of the most gorgeous people I have ever met. Seriously.

2) I just stopped taking birth control too, and I've also noticed changes. Mostly that I'm no longer hungry at all times.

3) The Office = wonderful. You should totally watch it. But you should go back and start from the beginning.

Julia said...

Booster: You are wearing a skirt that you have had since you were 13. I say that calls for a YAY! (I know you weren't looking for one, I just happened to have a "self-esteem booster" RIGHT HERE and so you got it.)

PS: I really really really like those shoes

Anonymous said...

Stop disliking your body. Its beautiful like the rest of you.


Anonymous said...

Oh, honey... I know I did not just read you being unhappy with you body. You don't understand just how beautiful you are, like seriously. You may not be able to see huge differences because you see your body everyday, but I notice. You look hot, keep your chin up, and always remember WORK IT GURRRRRLLL!

Tinapunk said...

Everyone is serious, too sweet. Thank you so much for the kind comments.
Krystal- It's good to know that other people have said, fuck you to birth control.
Julia- That is true, but girl, let me tell you when I was 13, the skirt fit around my waist, not I wear it around my hips. Lol. But, true I should still be thankful.
Goldarr- Always, thanks.
Seester- Thanks, babygirl.