February 23, 2009

Songs that make you smile...

So, I already have a song player inbedded on my profile page. I just decided to change those songs, so they would relate more to gender, and leave it on my page to the right.

House of Cards- Radiohead : the songs first sentence is "i dont want to be your friend, i just want to be your lover" i think this relates to gender, because it is the new way of thinking from our generation. from men and women. no longer are we looking for life-long mates, its more of a one month, one night, one year type of commitments.

Summertime- Ella Fitzgirald: this song, is about love, emotions, and happiness. This is more about woman, and their own feelings of love and happiness about finding a guy or someone special to spend summer with

Womanizer- Brittany Spears: do i need to explain this one? basically its britany spears stating her reasons for not wanting to be with a guy because he goes around screwing a lot of other woman, and hiding it from her.

Smile-Lily Allen: this song is about the turmoil of breaking up and someone, and how that makes her feel.

The fife book is getting better and better, chap 7. really connected with me.. There is a class stuggle between the white upperclass women, and the non-white lower class women. The non-white lower class women usually work for white upper class women, and this in a sense keeps them at a different level. You can say that they choose, to work for those women, but most times, its the world they grew up in that chose it for them. Access to education is a huge one.

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